Wear Your Glasses & Mask in Harmony: Tips to Wearing a Mask & Glasses

Tips to Wearing Your Glasses & Mask

As Thanksgiving Day & {gulp} The Holidays draw near, I dread the thought of doing more of the same with more of the same. Living in a multi-generation household, I haven't ventured too far outside a safe bubble nor have participated in any normal activities throughout the course of 2020. While it feels bad to say, holiday-ing with the same people I have spent every single day of 2020 with sounds just--meh, more of the same. Face it, we're all on each other's nerves.

While I am grateful to have a family & grateful for all of our health, I know the feeling that the same thing day after day isn't special & I am not the only one who feels this way too. Wanting to live a life that has a variety of things to do, people to see, & places to go is a normal feeling. 

Tips to wearing glasses and wearing a mask

While 2020 has been anything but normal, wearing a mask has become our new normal. Everywhere I {do} go, I wear my mask & understand it's the importance of wearing a mask to get through this pandemic. Okay so wearing a mask isn't so bad, but wearing a mask plus glasses can be a challenge, right? One it's hard to see & two, glasses tend to fog up while wearing both items--annoying

Of all of my eyewear, I own the only lenses that don't fog while masking is my Phonetic Eyewear glasses. I believe it's the special coating they have on the lenses {they're blue light blockers too} that play a big role in this. I had my friends at Phonetic Eyewear give me their tips & tricks to all of my fellow eyeglass wearers so you too can safely wear & mask with your glasses--in perfect {not foggy} harmony!

How to make your glasses not fog up when wearing a mask


The Yellow Spectacles:

What is your most common complaint about wearing a mask along with glasses? 

Phonetic Eyewear:

I would say most patients complain about the fogging and irritation with the ear strings and temples of the glasses


Does the lens coating on Phonetic's lens help with foggy lenses? 

PE: Unfortunately, it does not 


For those who {not yet} own a pair of Phonetic glasses, is there anything they can do to combat foggy lenses while wearing a mask? 


Yes! There are drops you can put onto your lenses that you can get at the drugstore. You put a drop onto your lenses and wipe with a cloth.


Is there a certain type of mask or adjustable mask ear straps that you found to work with wearing a mask & glasses? 

PE: We haven't actually looked into this yet! I know there are a bunch of people doing DIY things like putting a barret into their hair with the mask strings so that their ears are free for their glasses. 


Since most of our faces are hidden these days, do you think people are using glasses {more so now} to highlight their personal style? If so, what are some popular looks/frames? 


Yes absolutely! Even pre-pandemic I was seeing a TON of people using glasses to accentuate their style which we and I obviously love. 

I was a glasses wearer since I was 14 up until this year when I got Lasik and I was always given the vibe or impression that glasses weren't cool, or I would never dare wear them out to the bar because it wasn't cute BUT NOW it's like everyone is wearing cool frames and looking SO stylish! I'm not sure what changed but I think it's great on a personal level and a business level. 


What eyewear styles do you foresee becoming popular within the next year or so?

PE: Some styles and trends that are really popular in 2020 and coming up in 2021 are:

Clear colored frames

Pastel-colored frames

Art Deco type frames with unique curves and colors 

Thick black frames, square and cat-eye frames 

Bold Tortoise Colors


In this post, Phonetic Eyewear gifted me their Allen glasses in my prescription so I could photograph & show you how much I love wearing their glasses. I believe this is my third pair of Phonetic frames. 

While I know we're all a little stir-crazy, overrules, regulations, guidelines & living in fear, I truly believe in the power of optimism. Getting overwhelmed with the day to day is expected, but keeping a positive eye on the horizon ahead will get us through to better times. 

Have a safe, socially distant, optimistic, & Happy Thanksgiving.