Creative Work From Home Habits

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Creative Work From Home Habits 

To preface, I want to share some creative as well as healthy working from home habits as industry trends have changed to opting to work from home or having so many remote work days per work week  become acceptable in the work-world. Even more so, with more people taking on creative rolls, work normally happens from home. 

Even before the pandemic, I have been working from home for almost a decade. Doing so, there are some things I have learnt along the journey. See the below for my tried & true working from home tips.

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1. Curate a Zones: I am a firm believer in having a space where you work & a space where you live. The lines can become blurred if your work happens were you dwell.

I perfected this skill at college. I made zones {no matter how small} in my dorm where I would work/study & a zone where I would sleep & relax. I didn't cross them.

The same mindset can be done for your working from home. Where you have a dedicated home office or a table, make that your workspace & don't bring your work into other parts of your home where you live, eat, sleep, & so on. Like in life, it is healthy to set boundaries. 

2. Work On Your Own Timeframe: If you are more likely to be productive first thing in the morning or after dinner, make that your dedicated working hours. Note that timeframe no-one inside the home should disturb you. It is hard to work during parts of the day when your attention isn't fully there or there are more likely room for interruptions. 

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Creative Work From Home Habits 

3. Don't Forget to Move: My favorite reason why I love working remotely is because I am not chained to my desk. Exercising, getting up to walk, do a set of squats in both physically & mentally refreshing. 

4. Find Natural Light: Natural light is a positive mental stimulator. If you can, work/place your desk near a window to bask in the natural light! If the weather is behaving, throw that window up & let in some fresh air!

5. Clean Desk: A clean/clutter free desk is a clean/clutter free mind. I am a believer in the space where I live effects the way I think. Meaning, if its utter chaos, my mind is utter chaos. I make sure to tidy my desk after working as well as keep my tech/keyboards/mouse sterilized with a hint of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. 

6. No Eating Zone: I am a big believer in not eating meals nor snacking in the space I work. For one reason, I am against mindless eating. When I eat, my food is my attention as I am paying attention to what I am eating & how it will nourish my body. A second reason why I am against eating at your desk is back to tip number one, work zones. There is a space where I eat & a space where I work. 

I hope you find these tips helpful, when working from home, it is all trial & error. What may work today not be the right fit for tomorrow, but with a healthy lifestyle balance & setting personal boundaries a creative work & home ecosystem can be established. 

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Healthy Working from Home Habits 

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