Easy Barbie Skirt DIY

pink barbie doll dress

Easy Barbie Skirt DIY 

Tulle doll skirts
3 feet of tulle for each Barbie Skirt 

Barbie skirt
18inch ribbon for the skirt's bow 
Personally, I don't know any IRL Barbies. Paris Hilton is probably the closets human I can think of to match Barbie's aesthetic & appearance--blonde hair aside, her ease of slipping into costume-ish clothing & ability to strike a pose at camera's notice reminds me of Barbie. 

DIY Skirts for Barbie

When it comes to actual Barbie clothes, the run-of-the mill clothes Mattel makes for Barbie are cute, but anyone can have them. If you search Etsy for doll clothes, you can find some unique options, but a Barbie dress can cost you anywhere from $15 to $30 {& up} YIKES!

If you're handy with a sewing machine, or have a dad, like me, who is, you can totally make some cute Barbie skirts with just ribbon & tulle! 

To make this Barbie tulle skirt, you'll need tulle, ribbon, & a sewing machine. 

Fashion Barbie in white dress
Make clothes for Barbie 

sequin Barbie skirt

White sequin skirt for Barbie
DIY skirt for Barbie 

Making the Barbie Skirt

I bought multiple tulle colors each in 1/2 a yard. Additionally, I bought a few spools of ribbon. Pro tip, the Dollar Store has great ribbon options at a way cheaper price point. Tulle, is already pretty cheap, if you get basic options that aren't embellished with sequins or beads. 

Each Barbie skirt was made with 3 ft of tulle and the top middle part of the tulle was sewed together & then sewed onto a 18 inch ribbon. If you want a really dramatic tie bow in the back, you can do a longer ribbon for a bigger bow. 

Barbie in pink dress
Tie the handmade skirt with the remaining ribbon in back 

Handmade tulle skirt for Barbie

You can get as creative as you wish making mono-chromatic skirts, or layer different tulle colors for a vibrant design. 

Naturally, I like soft colors, so I went with a neutral tan {Skims inspired!}, light purple, & pretty green. However, Barbie is Barbie. Meaning, she has to have a pop of pink as well as sparkle. The last two handmade Barbie skirts are a bubblegum pink hue & a white sequin skirt. 

Happy designing! 

Barbie in gren tulle Skirt
Green tulle skirt for Barbie 

Lavender DIY Barbie Skirt
Fashion Barbie in Lavender Skirt 

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Barbie in Nude Tulle Skirt
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