Tips to Capturing Sunflower Field Content


Tips to Capturing Sunflower Field Content 

“Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier.” — Zooey Deschanel

Before venturing out into a field of golden yellow sunflowers, let me preface something.  Before brimming full of anticipation of capturing the perfect vertical video or IG carousel scroll, go out into the field with the intention of one having fun & two, anything you do capture through your lens, capture it for you first. 

women in sunflower field
Sunflower Field 2020 

sunflower field
Ohio Sunflowers 

It's so exciting, the ride to wherever the sunflower field is, as it's like stepping inside Rapunzel from Tangled's imagination. A sunflower field is really a photographer & or content creator's playground. However, there are always things to take into consideration before venturing out into the sunflower field. 

From my experience, here are a few Tips For Capturing Content In A Sunflower Field

sunflower photography

  • Go at Golden Hour: Whether Golden Hour for you is Daybreak or Sunset, this is the best time to capture the flowers as Mother Nature's rays will generously kiss either the front or back {depending on which golden hour you opt for} & therefore, give you the best natural light for your content.

  • Lower Expectations: I get it, visiting a yellow daydream is well, a daydream. However, having super high expectations may limit you in creating what content is more realistic when you get there. You have to take into consideration, will there be other people there? Will the flowers look good? As well as other natural factors such as weather. 

Aerial Sunflower Field
aerial sunflower field 

  • Capture the Flowers with a Variety of Mediums: Once you get to snapping away photos in the field, you'll notice they all start to look the same. Instead, switch up your medium/ focal length/ POV. You can do this by bringing a different lens with a drastically different focal length, try using a drone for aerial photos, or maybe take a film camera. This way, your photos will all have a common theme {sunflowers} but will all have differential elements/styles. 

  • Bring A Polarizer: When shooting out in nature, especially when it's sunny, I like to use a polarizer on my lens. My go-to camera lens filters are from Hoya

  • Prep Your Gear: When you know you're going to go bangers with content, make sure you have backup batteries, memory cards, & a tripod if needed. 
sunflower field

Sunflower with Glasses
2021 Sunflowers 

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