Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog

Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog 

Are you really a dog mom {or dad} if you haven't {at least once} thrown a mini chill at-home birthday party for your dog? Any dog owner can admit, that their dog is one of the lights in their lives. 

August {August 8th} is Riley's Birthday! Last year, we threw him a mini party at -home on the front porch & I documented it to share with my fellow dog parents here. 

birthday decorations
Doggie Birthday Party 

blue and green birthday cake

Guest List

When throwing a birthday party for your dog, it doesn't have to be a chaotic affair. Keep your dog's birthday party simple--intimate with either close family/friends or the other people/animals that live in your house. 

DIY Party Hats
DIY Party Hats

blue cake


As for the party decor, don't spend tons! If you want to pitch a piñata & fill it with dog toys/treats that could be fun! Otherwise, get creative, make your own banners, blow-up balloons, & adorn whatever with pretty ribbons. However, if you want to keep it a certain aesthetic, stick with a fun color combo. 


You can totally bake treats for your pets, but that's added work. We got a mini human cake for the non-dog guest to even. After we sang to Riley, he did get to lick the icing & we brushed his teeth afterward. In years past, we have filled a little bowl with whip cream for his special birthday treat.

dog birthday party


Riley, like most dogs, loves to unwrap gifts, to make this fun for him, but easier too, we wrap his gifts in tissue paper. This part is to be supervised, however, to make sure he doesn't swallow/choke on any remaining tissue paper. 

dog party

Bentley {left} Riley {right}

birthday party banner

For more images of Riley & his brother Bentley, follow on Instagram @katelynchef 

Party decorations

Birthday cake for boys