I 'Chews' You: DIY Shark Valentine Box

I 'Chews' You: DIY Shark Valentine Box 

When I was in elementary, the worst years of my life, lol, but not the point, let's start over. When I was in elementary school, my mom & I made my Valentine card box for the class card exchange. It was a shoebox wrapped in tin foil & accessorized with heart stickers alongside my name written in puffy paint. 

We cut a slit in the top of the shoebox so kids could drop the cards right into the box. 

How to make a DIY shark Valentine mailbox
Shark Valentine's Day Mailbox 

While I am not in school anymore or really exchanging Valentines, I did make a Shark-inspired Valentine card box {that I am actually going to wrap a gift inside of} out of an oatmeal cardboard container. 

I like the idea of repurposing household items into something else, & I knew the shape/structure of the oatmeal container would make for a great Valentine mailbox box. 

If you are looking for a creative idea to craft a household item into something for the upcoming holiday, here is how I turn a cardboard container into a Shark Valentine Card Box...& yes, it's pretty 'jaw-some.' 

Repurposing a cardboard container to make a Valentine's Day mailbox
DIY Shark Valentine Box 

Ideas for an an aquatic Valentine's Day Party Theme
Spongebob Valentines 


Oatmeal container or some type of cylinder shape tube

Wrapping paper in your desired color of blue or gray {hey, a pink shark would be cute too}



Construction paper 

Host a shark-inspired Valentine's Day party
Valentine's Day Crafts 

DIY Shark Valentine Box 


After shaking the oatmeal dust from the container's inside, I wrapped the tube in a light blue wrapping paper print, fold the extra piece of wrapping paper to line the top half of the inside of the tube.

I taped the paper on what would be the shark's underbelly so no tape is visible on the shark's top or sides. 

Next, I used bits of wrapping paper to freehand make the shark's side fins & top dorsel. I adhered the fins to the container with hot glue. 

I free-hand cut out triangles in blue & white & glued them around the inside of the opened end of the tube. This is the shark's mouth/teeth. I found that the shark looked dull with only white teeth, but the blue added a colorful punch!

Lastly, I added two blue gems for the Valentine Shark Box's eyes. You can stop the decorating here or go a step future embellishing the shark with puff paint in areas around the mouth, gills & eyes. There isn't a right or wrong way to decorate your Valentine box. 

Of course, since this DIY Shark Valentine Box has an aquatic theme, aquatic-inspired Valentine's only makes sense to add. I found these Spongbob Square Pants Valentines to be rather cute, but I could totally see pirate Valentines, mermaid Valentines, or yes, shark Valentines to be a great match for your card box! 

Or if you're a Shark Tank fan like me, Valentines with Mr. Wonderful on them? 

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