Let it Snow Bro: Styling January 2021 Favorite Sweatsuits

Let it Snow Bro: Styling January 2021 Favorite Sweatsuits 

"Advice is like the snow. The softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, & the deeper it sinks into the mind.”

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I am convinced I am two people. There is Summer Katelyn & there is Winter Katelyn. Personally, I prefer Summer Katelyn, but right now, Winter Katelyn is all we have. 

Ha-ha. Do you feel like two people at different times of the year? One thing is a constant, no matter the season, my style. I'd say for the most part what you see here & on social is how I am {realtively} dressed in real life. Of course, everything is exaggerated a bit for my editorial style of photography, but I like to keep everything pretty real. 

My favorite cozy sweatsuits for winter
Comfy Winter Style

I love sweatsuits & matching sets. I always have. Today, matching sweatsuits & comfy/cute sweatpants & sweatshirts are ALL the rage. Personally, I love a basic Hanes gray sweatshirt & Hanes gray sweatpants. Classic. However, I saw a page in a recent InStyle Magazine called, Made in the Shade & they paired the colors grape purple, acid green, & candy red together. Based on the colors of the sweats I am wearing in this style post, you guessed it, I like the color combo. 

Favorite Winter Sweatsuits 

Favorite winter sweatsuits from Walmart and Target
Color Blocking Sweatsuits 

While there are many online retailers that have some cute sweat sets, a lot of the sweatsuits I wear are from Walmart. Yep, good-old Walmart fashion. 

Women's Matching Sweatsuits 

Green Bolle Ski Goggles for Winter Sports
Winter Ski Mask

Below, I will share a shop-able graphic of some of my favorite matching sweatsuit sets. However, if you're on a budget & looking for cute sweatsuits try Walmart & try Sam's Club. I got a cute matcha green sweatsuit from Sam's Club last winter. 

The best part about styling sweats is that it's effortless. Whether you 'dress' the sweats up with boots or wear them with fuzzy Crocs, you'll be cozy & cool. At least, in my {style} book. 

Stay warm everyone, spring is just around the corner. 

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