Must-Have Spring Accessory Under $20

Must-Have Spring Accessory Under $20 

The official first day of spring is Saturday, March 20th! I am really looking forward to all the good things that spring brings. With travel & everything else still limited to COVID, I have taken inspiration for this spring-style post from a show on Netflix, that show being, Emily in Paris.

I have to admit, I did not care for Emily in Paris the first two episodes in, but I quickly changed my mind & love the series. After the fact, Emily in Paris reminds me of my longtime favorite TV series, Ugly Betty. Everything from the show's colorful characters, fashion setting, fish-out-of-water storyline, & the cheeky innocence of the main character, Emily runs parallel to Ugly Betty.   

Spring style inspired by the Netflix series, Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris 

Favorite spring style accessories
Easy Spring Style 

Favorite Spring Accessory

Something that I have in common with both Emily & Betty is that I don't have to carry an expensive designer handbag in order to love it just because it has a big name on it {or rather inside it}.  In this post, I am styling my favorite Target crossbody bag that is under $20.00.

Yes, you can find this cross-body bag at Target for less than $20.00! The best part, Target redoes the bag in new colors & patterns each season. While this cross-body is pink, I also have it in a light purple and tan color.  It is called, A New Day-Zip Closure Cross-Body Bag on Target's website. 

A New Day Zip Closure Cross-body bag
Favorite Target bag under $20.00

Not only do I like the price, but the light-weight & easy accessibility of the bag is a selling point. The cross-body isn't heavy & it is easy to get my phone/wallet in & out of quickly. 

affordable spring accessories
Bonjour Spring!

As I mentioned, in times of COVID, I also like the fact that I can wipe off my bag after coming home. Sure, a designer name bag has its time & place, but for my day-to-day life, this Target bag find is my go-to purse!

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