Creative Ways to Up-Cycle Christmas Wrapping

Sustainable Santa: Creative Ways to Up-Cycle Christmas Wrapping 

Why is it that when I think of Christmas morning, my mind also goes into chaos? Possibly, this is because Christmas morning means gifts all over the living room which leads to shredded wrapping paper, ribbon, & tissue paper soon-to-be everywhere as well.

Maybe this is something you love, Christmas Chaos, but it drives me crazy. This chaotic situation also relates to something else I hate, not being able to recycle something {or repurpsoing} when I know it can be. 

These two scenarios have led me to a solution. It's no Christmas miracle that  I am sharing that solution with you! I am happy to do so.

Okay, here is my solution to repurposing household items into holiday gift wrap while keeping the house organized on Christmas morning, brown paper bags. Yep, you read that right. Brown Paper Bags. 

Sustainable Christmas gift wrap ideas to make at home and with your kids
Creative Christmas Wrapping

Make your own Christmas gift wrap with items you have at home

The Concept

I collect the brown paper bags that have been used on trips to the grocery store & repurpose them into holiday gift wrap. After I have enough brown paper bags, I designated a bag for each person.  Going forward, I wrap their gifts & place each gift inside their designated brown paper bag. 

The idea has cut down on the clutter/chaos that comes on Christmas morning. Secondly, after their gifts have been unwrapped, the used tissue paper & wrapping paper can be tossed inside the bags to take to the recycling center. It's pretty easy & effortless. 

Make these easy Christmas gift bags from brown paper bags and paper plates
Hand Print Santa Claus

The Design

Of course, it's Christmas & I like to be crafty. Therefore, I hand paint each bag in whatever holiday/winter theme I am going for. I like the idea of keeping the designs easy-breezy & not striving for perfection. I like the 'homemade' look of decorating the bags & find beauty in the imperfections. 

In the past, I have used my handprint, sliced potatoes, paper plates, & bits of wrapping paper to create each of the designs on the sustainable Christmas gift wrapping.

Winter snowman paper plate craft ideas
Paper Plate Snowman Craft

The Execution 

Ideally, you can repurpose anything in your home & decorate it to make Christmas {or any celebration} gift wrap! 

This holiday season, I encourage you to get creative, recycle items you have at-home & wrap your gifts in a sustainable way. 

Potato Stamped Christmas Bag

Repurposed Christmas Wrapping: Rudolph 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrapping: Painted Brown Paper Bags

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