A Dog Year: Celebrating 1 Year with Bentley

Bentley Oliver Valentino Chef 
Those who aren't strangers to my Instagram feed {@katelynchef} know that I frequently posts pics of my dogs Riley & Bentley.

Last January, our beloved 16 1/2 year yorkie poo, Cocoa passed away. Living & caring for her for that amount of time left us all devastated--she wasn't a dog but more like a daughter & sibling to myself, my brother, & my parents.

Riley {the yorkie rescue} was still a recent family addition, but he loved Cocoa & missed her presence once she had passed.

About a month 1/2 later, Bentley a yorkie bichon was welcomed into our home. Welcoming a new puppy is always a joy, but it's pretty scary too. There are many things to take into consideration when bringing home a new puppy--cost & time are the two biggest dog-adopting components.

Puppies/ dogs require frequent trips to the vet (shots, flee/tick preventives}, pet stores, & forms of doggy-people socialization.

Photo edited via A Color Story 
Time is another big factor--pups can't be locked away day & night in their crates. They need parent to puppy bonding time, socialization with their new surroundings, training, & the dreaded--potty training.

One year to the day, Bentley is almost potty trained. He turned 1 last November & hasn't looked back.

He's a chronic chewer { on his toys} & whines often when seeking attention. His anxious public demeanor had us removed from puppy school, but we're working on it--he's actually doing better since.

Bentley & his brother were baseball players for Halloween & they still don't truly grasp Santa's objective {they said he was skimpy on this year's gift} .

When Bentley isn't chewing--he likes to boss Riley, walk outdoors, & take strolls around the block in his zipped in dog stroller--seriously, he does.

Bentley {& myself} are looking forward to spring & spending evenings on the patio.

Adopting a dog is 100% a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it's 100% worth it.

Woof. Woof. 


  1. Bentley is absolutely adorable! Puppies can be a handful, but they're totally worth it.
    Rebecca xo

    1. Hey Rebecca, thank you & yes!! I totally agree with you..Thanks for reading-Katelyn