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MY Sassy Life 
Where are my Bachelor Babes at? If you're an out-of-the-closet {or a secret fan(s)} of The Bachelor & The Bachelorette then you know the drill. Monday night. 8 pm sharp. Wine. Chocolate. Popcorn. Maybe a Diet Pepsi. Cozy socks. & A whole lotta drama.

Watching The Bachelor is really unlike anything else--you can't look away. Even if you really want to. You just can't! 
Hey, it's true. My gal pal, Sarah over at her sassy lil Etsy shop called, My Sassy Life has captured The Bachelor essence in a bottle...rather a tank top which reads:

"Bachelor & Wine are what Mondays are Made For"  &

"I woke up like this #WithaRose" 

Seriously, all of My Sassy Life's shop goodies are totally cute, but with a hint of major sass...even her non-bachelor items are totally here to see for yourself.

However, since it's Bachelor Season, The Yellow Specs & My Sassy Life sat down to dish on the latest Bachelor--Ben & just why the show is so timeless. Maybe the show's success is because unlike  a rose the quest for true live never wilts.
"My ultimate goal is to one-day be a full-time lady boss with My Sassy Life. How amazing would it be to design + pack up sassy goodies all day long? "--Sarah, My Sassy Life, Girl Boss. 

The Yellow Spectacles: Tell me a little bit about your Etsy shop & how it all started?
My Sassy Life: My Sassy Life is a lifestyle brand for those who live off of coffee + wine + a lot of sass! I've always been fascinated with the idea of owning my own business & being my own boss. Growing up, my dad had always worked for himself. I saw the flexibility he had and how much time he got to spend with our family.
My ultimate goal is to one-day be a full-time lady boss with My Sassy Life. How amazing would it be to design + pack up sassy goodies all day long?    
Plus, I am pretty sure, Toby Jack would appreciate me being a full-time stay-at-home-dog-mom.
In all seriousness, there is no way I could have done it without the support of my family and friends.

TYS: To sum up your Etsy shopper...she is...?
MSL: Sassy of course! I like to think of my customers as someone I'd be friends with. I create things that I love and enjoy so if someone is buying them I'd like to think we have something in common.

TYS: Where do you get all of your cute sayings for your products?
MSL: Awe, that's so sweet. Honestly, I come up with my ideas at the most random times. ...My sister is getting married this summer so there is a lot of exciting bridal goodies coming!

TYS: Thus far, do you have a favorite saying in your shop?
MSL: Hm, that's a tough one...I am totally biased so I love them all, but I'd have to say, "I woke Up Like This #Tired' because, let's be real...I am ALWAYS tired in the morning. I had no idea that everyone would love saying that either...which makes it so much better!

" I think he' adorable. He's so sweet & so genuine"--Sarah on Season 20's The Bachelor, bachelor Ben Higgins. 

TYS: In your opinion, why is The Bachelor so great?
MSL: The drama! Some of the girls {and guys} are straight up crazy! Plus, I feel like we all need something to look forward to on Mondays. My sister and I plan to be at home on Mondays, we cook dinner, drink wine, and cuddle on the couch with Toby Jack. It's defiantly become our event at home. =)

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TYS: Your favorite Bachelor couple thus far is....?
MSL: Ashley H and J.P. I think they're adorable does anyone else remember them or did I just age myself?

Speaking of adorable, how adorable is Sarah & if you haven't checked out her shop it's a close second place in the adorable lineup--I mean all the tees, tanks, tumblers, and coozies? Not mentioning her spunky phrases & witty remarks. Yep, pretty adorbs & yes, Sarah I remember (& love) Ashley H & J.P. too.

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Like a good wine & a good Monday Bachelor night somethings never get old.

Thanks Sarah!

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  1. Such a cute tank! I'll definitely check out her shop:-). Thanks for sharing!