Go-to-Spring Breakfast

Chocolate protein smoothie

Go-to-Spring Breakfast 

fresh fruit and a chocolate smoothie

Bunny plate with blackberries and strawberries
Spring breakfast ideas 

If I find myself alone in the kitchen, come morning, it's really the best. If it's a sunny day, they soft light that peaks through the windows mixed with the anticipation for my first sip of caffeine is invigorating, to say the least. 

Starting my day quiet may not always be a given, but starting my day with something nourishing is. Breakfast, to me, is the most important meal of the day as well as my personal favorite. Why would I want to deprive myself of that? 

Since I am such a breakfast enthusiast, may I share my go-to-breakfast with you? It's quick & fresh for the new spring season. 

Here is My Go-to-Spring Breakfast:

  • Coffee: Coffee is the juice that starts the day. It's funny, my coffee taste has changed. I used to like strong black coffee, but now, I am more of a light-roast coffee gal with a dash of coffee cream. I like the Dunk Extra Extra coffee creamer. 
  • Toast: My morning toast isn't your average breakfast toast. I like something like a thin sliced whole grain {The Aldi's Brad's Bread variation} with thinly sliced banana, cinnamon, a few halved walnuts & baked for Four Minutes inside my Dash Toaster Oven. When the banana toast is eaten warm, it's heavenly. 
  • Protein Smoothie: I love to blend a Muscle Milk drink with four ice cubes, 1/2 of a frozen banana, as well as some Chia Seeds & maybe a little frozen pineapple. The protein smoothie fills me for the morning & fuels me for all of the tasks ahead. 
  • Fresh Fruit: Really, I should have been a bat or a bunny, I am mostly plant-based & I consume a lot of fresh fruits. Sliced blueberries, juicy blackberries, & plump blueberries are my favorites. Although, pineapple is my very most favorite fruit. Some day, I'll move to Hawaii & eat fresh pineapple everyday-ha! 
  • Ice Water: I try to always drink water before my coffee & of course, I need water to take my vitamins. I like my water as cold as possible, so extra ice. 
toast with banana and strawberries
Homemade banana toast 

protein shake with fresh fruit
Muscle milk Smoothie 

See? Breakfast that looks grand doesn't really have to be time consuming. I look forward to my morning meal every day {sometimes the nigh leading up to it}. I hope you found some inspiration here to mix up your spring breakfast. 

half-eaten toast

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healthy breakfast with fresh fruits
fresh breakfast ideas for spring 

chocolate muscle milk shake