GO-TO-Summer Breakfast

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

GO-TO-Summer Breakfast 

I wouldn't be the same or a relatively sane person throughout the day if I didn't eat breakfast. I am not one of those morning people who like to skip my morning meal. In fact, I very much look forward to eating breakfast & having my morning coffee. Probably, a bit too much. 

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Strawberry Protein Smoothie
Summer Smoothie Recipe 

However, I strongly dislike breakfasts that make me feel a bit too full afterward, sometimes, certain cereals make me feel that way.  Recently, I have been loving making myself a protein smoothie in the A.M.  & alongside with my morning smoothie, I have a piece of whole-wheat toast along with some fruit & of course, coffee. 

I do find it hard to make the perfect smoothie that tastes right every time until I started blending Premier Protein Shakes with a few other ingredients. No, this isn't a sponsored post for Premier Protein Shake, but you can catch the brand on-sale at Sam's Club & the flavor varieties make for a perfect chilled shake/smoothie. 

Strawberry Protein Shake
Healthy Smoothie 

Protein Smoothie

Personally, the Premier Protein Shake flavor of Strawberry & the Cafe Latte are my two favorites. Here's how I make my morning smoothie inside my Ninja blender

1. One Bottle of Premier Protein Shake {Your Flavor of Choice

2. 1/2 of a Frozen Banana

3. Handful of Ice Cubes

4. Handful of Blueberries {or frozen berries} 

5. One Tablespoon of Ground Flax Seed Mill

Blend until smooth, & enjoy! & If you're are really feeling your morning smoothie, dipping your toast in your smoothie is extremely satisfying, ha-ha. 

Premier Protein Shakes
Summer Breakfast Ideas 

Below, I am linking to some of the Premier Protein Shake flavors I like as well as the blender. I have a Vitamix but gravitate toward the smaller Ninja Blender. Plus, I drink my smoothie using the Ninja's blending cup--less washing! 

Healthy Shake
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