Must Haves for the iPhone 12 Pro Max


Must Haves for the iPhone 12 Pro Max 

Is there a better feeling than unboxing the latest & greatest piece of technology? 

Like peeling off the cling-wrap on a brand new iPad box, or slowing peeling back the clear lining on an Apple iPhone? It's kind of thrilling. 

Whenever you treat yourself to a new phone, there are always {plenty} of accessories that you can purchase to pair with it. I recently purchased the new Apple iPhone 12 ProMax {Gold} & aside from the screen protector {a must} I want to share my favorite iPhone accessories that {I feel} enhance the iPhone experience. 

Without further delay, let's jump into the iPhone {11 & up} accessory guide.

Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

1. Clear yet Tough Cases: Why would you drive a car without insurance? You wouldn't if you're smart. So, why would you use your new iPhone without a case? You wouldn't if you're smart.  When it comes to cases, I am picky. One, I don't like 'bulky' cases. Two, I want to see the color of my iPhone. This is why I opt for the clear LifeProof & Otterbox cases. I know they're tough, but they're also stylish. Love. 

minimalist PopSockets

Monochromatic PopSocket 

2. PopSockets: If you can dream it, there is a PopSocket out there to match your imagination. I am into more minimalistic looks {hence the clear cases} & tend to avoid busy PopSocket patterns. I found these minimal {one color} PopSockets on Etsy for only $1.00 ea. & so, far, I haven't had an issue. 

PopSocket Wireless Charger
PopSocket Compatible Charger 

3. PopSocket Compatible Wireless Charger: Wireless chargers are great, but when you charge your phone & have a PopSocket on the phone's back, not so great. Actually, pretty impossible! I recently found PopSocket makes a wireless charger that is PopSocket compatible & it's AMAZING! 

Phone Gimble
DJI OM4 Phone Gimble 

4. Gimble: If you're into making movies, Stories, Reels, Tik Tok's, & so on your phone, you need a gimble. DJI makes two versions, the DJI Osmo3 & DJI OM 4. These gimbles can either be handheld or used as a tripod.  Using the gimble alongside the DJI Mimo App, it's really user-friendly. 

My exact iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, Clear Otterbox case with built-in PopSocket, Nëxt Case LifeProof Lavender, Nëxt Case  LifeProof Black

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