Inside My Craft Corner

Inside My Craft Corner 

Picture a small cottage, quietly nestled in the front by tall hedges, the smaller hedges lining the front of the cottage bloom cotton candy hydrangea puffs mid-summer & sit dormant & brown in the dead of winter. 

The cottage's classic cedar shakes nod to its weathered charm as well as its painted windowpanes slightly chipped by the salty sea air.  On the opposite side of the cottage rests a tired yet practical bike & if you look right over the bike's handlebars, you'll get a glimpse of the Atlantic Coastline.

Inside, rests a large drafting table, shells from beach walks past, framed photographs on shiplap paneled walls, and a cozy linen cream sofa with a rustic yet charming coffee table perched in front. Near the drafting table lies a wicker dog bed {with yes, a snoozing dog} while an old pair of clogs, muddy from the cottage's gravel path, rest not too far from the sleeping dog. 

Inside my DIY Craft Room
Grace & Frankie's Beach Home, a watercolor print found on Etsy. 

At least, this is how I imagine my {one day} craft room. In the meantime, it is nice to have a space dedicated to storing {& use} my art supplies as well as store my bigger photography equipment. 

In this post, I wanted to share my craft room, it is in a corner of the basement, but hey, it's a place to create, craft, & keep organized. 

I hope you enjoy the look inside! 

make shift craft room

we turned a tiny space into a craft room
Tiny Space into a Craft Room 

Pegboard wall for dual storage 

turn an unused space into a craft room

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at home craft room