Stylish Summer Fans for your Space

Metal Fans

Stylish Summer Fans for your Space 

One word. Chill. 

Stylish Summer Fans for your home
Stylish Summer Fans 

Sometimes, chilling when it's sizzling out isn't so easy. In fact, not everyone has access to air conditioning, or sometimes, your air maybe is on the fritz. 

Whether you have air conditioning or not, fans, especially in the hot summer months are a worthy investment.  However, why do fans have to be ugly AF? Big bulky plastic fans taking up precious floor space. Or how about the white metal meets plastic tall oscillating fans. The worst for those who have a home aesthetic to keep, am I right? 

Luckily, today, fans have gotten a chic upgrade. There are gorgeous tall copper oscillating fans {perfect for living rooms & sun rooms} & cute little metal fans that come in a simple white all the way to a preppy pink. 

& then there are the Dyson fans. Dyson fans don't look like your mother's fan nor your sister's. In fact, they look like futuristic fans. Personally, I love Dyson fans for a number of reasons. One, Dyson fans don't take up too much floor space. Secondly, the Dyson fans dual function as a fan as well as a heater. & today, many Dyson fans also come with a third function, air purifier. 

Aside from Dyson fans & tall glamazon fans, little metal table & desk fans are both functional & earn prize-winning decor points. Mind you, these metal fans have a bit of a hum to them {I find it soothing} & retailers like Pottery Barn & TJ Maxx have them in stock when springtime arrives. 

Currently, I have two light pink metal tabletop fans & would be a metaled ice cream cone without them. What happens to snowmen in the winter? Oh, yeah.  

I have rounded up a few fab summer fans to help you stay cool during these hot, sticky, & summery months.  

It's a hot girls' summer, or so I hear. 

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1. Amazon | 2. Pottery Barn | 3. William Sonoma | 4. Target  5. William Sonoma 

1. DecoBREEZE Pedestal Fan Adjustable Height 3 Speed Oscillating Fan, 16 In, Brushed Copper {Amazon} Quiet frankly, if any fan could resemble a super model, I think this copper tal stand fan would sign with an agency. 

2. VFAN Alchemy Circulator {Williams Sonoma} If your style is farmhouse meets industrial chic or a little on the masculine side, how sharp is this tiny desk fan? 

3. Vornado Fan, Cream {Williams Sonoma} Surely, you've seen a Fiat zipping around town? Doesn't this cream little fan resemble that? Picture your self licking a gelato, listening to summer jazz pretending your in a villa overlooking the Amalfia Coast. Some fan. 

4. Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Tower Air Purifier and Fan Silver {Target} It's back to the future & never looking back after you buy this cooling tower meets air purifier. 

5. Senior Pedestal Vintage V-Fan {Williams Sonoma} iHola! Senorita, this fan is muy bonita. 

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Stay cool this hot girls' summer with these decorative fans 

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