How I Made My Phone Zen

How to remove the red bubble notifications on your iPhone

How I Made My Phone Zen

Did you know that the ancient Chinese black & white swirl symbol, otherwise known as 'Ying Yang' is a symbol of balance? Yes, while Ying & Yang are opposites, the two opposite forces actually come together to create balance & harmony. 

Useful widgets and apps to add peace and clarity to your phone
Using Widgets on my phone has boosted my creativity 

When it comes to being on the grid aka connected to technology, the internet, & social media, I felt like I needed Ying & Yang. For too long, I let Instagram value my self-worth & run a good bit of my life. For what? Likes? Comments? Saves. Honestly, as I get older, who really cares? 

I grew tired of social media notifications coming across my lock screen. I grew tired of the little red icon dots {on Apple} showing the number of notifications. I grew tired of it all. So, recently, when I purchased my new iPhone 12 Pro Max {upgrading from an iPhone 8Plus} I changed it all. 

In return for making these Zen changes to my phone, which I will share below, I made my phone a place I actually want to look at. A place to grow creativity, not harbor anxiety

Six ways I made my iPhone 12 Pro Max Zen and peaceful
Finding Balance & Clarity with Social Media 

Six Ways I Made My iPhone 12 Pro Max Zen

  • No Notifications: You know those little red icon dots in the top corner of your apps letting you know how many unread messages you have? Annoying {& ugly} am I, right? Well, I got rid of those & I don't miss them. Here's how you can do that too
  • No Social Media Notifications on Lock Screen: All my phones in the past, every time I got an Instagram Like, Comment, Shared message, it came across my lock screen.  Until I got rid of that, I didn't realize how much of a toll it was taking on my mental health. 
  • Helpful Widgets: Installing a few widgets such as ones that display my favorite travel photos in my camera roll, Pinterest widgets that show rotating images from my favorite boards, & one widget that shares when Golden Hour has all boosted my mood & creativity when looking at my phone. I use the apps, Color Widget & Widget Smith for the creative widgets.
  • Phone Wallpaper: Having Wallpaper that inspires me such as a stunning photo of nature or a photo I have taken as my wallpaper brings me clarity when I look down at my screen. 
  • App Organization: When I got my 12 Pro Max, I organized all the apps in a way that made the most sense to me. Visually, my eyes {&mind} is at peace when I unlock my screen, I like having all of my apps organized in a proper way that is not only functional but fuels my creativity too. 
  • Text Tone: On my iPhone 8Plus, I had the load popcorn text tone. Now, I changed it to what I think is called ''Bambo.' It's just a lighter & airy sound. It feels more peaceful to me at least. 

I have to say, these subtle six changes have made a big impact on my mood & how I feel when I pick up my phone. Just remember, you're worth more than any amount of likes. There's more to life than what's on your screen. Ying & Yang. 

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