Summer Shift Dresses

Shift Dresses for Summer

Summer Shift Dresses 


blue and green shift dress

Classic Summer Style 

What's a Shift Dress?

"The shift dress’s popularity lies on the fact that it crosses all age boundaries.  It has a democratic appeal across age and race boundaries" writes an article telling the timeline of the rise & apple of womens' shift dress on Working Frocks.


It is true shift dress got its start in the Roaring 20s as Flappers made them ooze class & elegance {often with sequins, features, & other embellishments on the hem} Decades later, Jackie O made shifts the wanted dress in every woman's closet sporting chic black shift dresses to colorful Lilly Pulitzer printed frocks. 

I have to say, when I think of the shift dress, my mind wanders to the classic no waist definition Lilly dresses featuring a high neckline & hem hitting right above the knee. To me, a shift dress is the perfect combination of style as well as simplicity. 

blue gingham headband

woman's shift dress
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I love how you can dress a shift dress up to go to an evening party {Audrey Hepburn, anyone?} Or throw a sweater around your shoulders & slip on a pair of white sneakers to head to a clam bake. See? Perfect! 

This July, it's why I thought styling a shift dress would be the perfect summer outfit to style for a blog post. No juice needs to be spilled, a pair of cute sneakers & a pattern shift dress make for a great vacation outfit. Otherwise, you can dress your shift dress up with Jack Rodger sandals or another pair of cute slides if you're heading to a graduation party & or a wedding. 

blue and white shift dress

Where to Buy Shift Dresses?

If you have an appetite for tropical & vibrant colors/patterns {& the budget} of course, Lilly Pulitzer is a great shift buying option. However, if you love Lilly, but are on a budget, I recently discovered ThredUp has a big assortment of used Lilly dresses & many are shifts. 

Personally, I love the brand, Beach Lunch Lounge & their linen shift dresses. T.J Maxx & Marshall's are my go-to destinations to buy summer shift dresses, & if you wait till the end of the season, you can get great discounts on them. 

“Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.”

-- Lilly Pulitzer

If you are a lover of 3oA {Florida} & noticed my Rosemary Beach beach hat, good eye! You can find all sorts of 30A beach apparel here at the 30A online store.  

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Affordable Summer Shift Dresses
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