Declutter Your Digital Life & Feel Good About It

How to declutter your digital life

Declutter Your Digital Life & Feel Good About It 

I am sure you can relate to the overwhelming good feeling when you clean out a drawer, clear out your closet, tidy up the garage, or organize a neglected shelf in the corner of your home. 

Getting rid of stuff & organizing what you decide to keep FEELS GOOD! When it comes to tidying up your digital life, why should it be any different? 

At the start of the new year {& onward}, I have been decluttering my social feeds as well as my Mac Desktop, & iPhone. By decluttering my digital life, my mind feels free & clear. While I love photos, the overwhelming amount of photos on my phone made me anxious. On my desktop, not having everything properly placed in the right folder also made me anxious & disorganized. 

I took my digital decluttering day-by-day & step-by-step. Here are a few tips that worked for me when I digitally declutter my files, photos, & social media content. 

Change icons for files or folders on a Mac
Declutter your digital life 

1. Create Folders on Your Computer 

I went through all of my files, articles, photos, & documents on my desktop & got rid of anything that I no longer need nor served a purpose. Next, I made a whole bunch of new folders on my Mac & named them accordingly. I organized the files in a way that made sense to my freelance business & creative work.

After all of the files were organized, I bought earth tone Mac Desktop file images on Etsy & it completely changed the aesthetic on my computer! If you're looking to change the icon folders on your Mac, it is super easy! This article tells you exactly how to change the Mac Blue Folder Icons & I will have some folders from a few Etsy Shops in the shopping widget at the end of this post. 

2. External Hard Drives 

I knew I wanted to clean up a lot of the photos & content I had on my iPhone. I didn't want to just forever delete all of the images. I moved a lot of the images to a folder & then stored that folder on my external hard drive. It really helped me free up a lot of space { physically on my phone & menatlly}. 

How to organize your folders on your Mac & change the icon colors and images
Earth Tone Mac Folders 

3. Social Media Decluttering 

This one feels so good! I did a clean sweep, decluttering my Instagram feed by archiving images {posts} that really didn't resonate with me anymore.  I also decluttered all of my Instagram Highlights.  I went through each highlight, & deleted any posts that were outdated or did not hold any meaning to me anymore. In some cases, I deleted the highlights altogether if I felt it needed to go. This way, all of my newest & most relevant content is front & center. If I want to create new Instagram Highlights,  I now have room to do so! 

I also went through the accounts I am following. I unfollowed any account that made me feel less-than-so. I also unfollowed accounts that didn't inspire me or are inactive on Instagram. Doing so, felt really good. 

4. Social Media Bio Updates 

In addition to decluttering content, I went through my social media bios & made most {if not all} of the profile pictures cohesive with one account to the next. I also went through & updated my bio description & any links. I think it's important to make sure your content & your profile information online stays up-to-date. Not only does this help with making what you share relevant, but updating your bio also demonstrates you're on top of things & adaptable to change! 

These are just four little things that all helped me wrap my mind around decluttering my digital life. I hope it helps you too. 

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