Neat & Tidy: How-To Simply Organize Your Linen Closet

Neat & Tidy: How-To Simply Organize Your Linen Closet 

Over the last year, you've all more-than-likely have been organizing on a weekly or monthly basis. After all, what else is there to do, but be organized? 

Same here. I finally was able to get my linen closet in my bathroom to a point where it wasn't driving me insane & I wanted to share the end result with you.

The key to any home organization {not just linen closets} is that you have to keep after it. There isn't a one-time organization fix & that's it forever. No. In order to keep things tidy, you have to make time { at-least once a month} to keep after your progress. You might recall last year's post when I organized the underneath portion of my bathroom sink.  

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 Organize Your Linen Closet 

Blue & White Threshold Bins 


I have to say, organizing my linen closet was really inspired {& pulled together} by these blue and white floral Threshold bins from Target

I was able to organize everything from toiletries, towels, wash rags, sheets, & medications/remedies using the different size Threshold bins. For the stuff like lotion & shampoo that I didn't want to go inside a cloth bin, I bought twin clear plastic bins. 

I like the idea of marrying a pattern with clear/acrylic in all of my decor & you can see that here in the closet {which doesn't get much light which explains the bit of noise in the photos, sorry!}. 

Makeup Organization


For the makeup I use every day, I create a little 'get-ready' station inside the linen closet using clear stacking makeup storage containers as well as a few free-standing clear containers.  

DIY Labels 


Labels are the key component when organizing anything in your home. I made my labels from the remaining bits of cut blinds, but Etsy has so many cute labels you can order. They remind me of The Home Edit

Fun organizing note, I adhered the labels to the bins using gold paper clips, super easy! 

How-To Simply Organize Your Linen Closet 

Decorative Elements 

I couldn't resist framing a photo I took of Malibu Barbie to hang inside my linen closet. I thought her blue swimsuit went perfectly with the blue and white Target bins. I purchased a white matted frame & just used a Command Hook to hang the photo. 

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