Here's to New Year Hope: I Wrote 2021 A Message in a Bottle

Here's to New Year: I Wrote 2021 A Message in a Bottle 

Dear 2021;

If I could write you a message, seal it & throw it far away, hoping it'd get to you by year's end, what would I say?

I'd say, I know the pressure of living in your eldest sibling shadow must be tough, but you're not anything like your predecessor, 2020. 

I wrote 2021 a message in a bottle.
A Letter to 2021 in a Bottle 

2021, you'll be far wiser, wittier, sharper, compassionate, understanding, & accepting. Last year, we struggled to keep our heads afloat in a sea of red caps. However, 2021, you'll be our floatation device. You'll be a beacon of hope like a lighthouse calling ships home from a long tiring voyage at sea.

Our spirits last year left blue & deflated. 2021, you'll be a breath of fresh spring air like Maria dancing across the Swiss Alps. Little things that went missing like running through parks, catching planes, hailing cabs, picking up fresh-baked bread, 2021 you'll bring them back. You're smart like that. A real Sherlock. 

Ugly speeches of hate & terms that discriminate won't be in your vocabulary, 2021. No more will hate lurk in the shadows & hide behind blue-light screens. Forms of lies in tweets & looting in the streets won't be tolerated in your year. 2021 you'll take everyone by the hand & show us how uniting is the ultimate plan. 2021, you'll be a real peacemaker some say, people pleaser. You're our Oprah, our new hope. 

No, 2021, it won't be easy living in your sibling's dark shadow, but if anyone can do it, it's you. & I for one will be rooting for you 2021 & doing what I can to make it your year to shine, change, & inspire. 

A Note to the New Year 

Here's to you, our New Year--YOU GOT THIS! 

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