Ahh! Three Ways to Refresh Your Space

Ahh! Three Ways to Refresh Your Space 

If I haven't done so already, Happy New Year! With the New Year's fresh arrival, now is the time people start getting their lives, spaces, & mindsets decluttered & ready for new opportunities.

I know that once the holiday decor comes down {enter in joyful choir music} I am ready for clean, fresh, & simplified decor.

Decorating & decluttering your space in the New Year is a great way to hit the 'refresh' button inside your home. I declutter & refresh my space multiple times throughout the course of the year & I would love to share three simple ways you can refresh your space too!

1. Removable Wallpaper in Unexpected Spots 

Removable wallpaper has definitely spiked in popularity over the past decade to the point now that anyone can buy high-quality removable wallpaper at an affordable price point. However, adding a little peel n' stick wallpaper to an unexpected spot inside your home can do wonders! I added this playful yet sophisticated pattern to the back of my bathroom vanity cabinet. The wallpaper is from an Etsy Shop, Wall Flora

Removable Wallpaper via Wall Flora {c/o}

Made the 'clean' & 'K' decal using my Cricut machine 

2. Fragrant Wall Plug-Ins

Scents to me, evoke memories & what better way to boost your mood than by surrounding yourself with a found memory-evoking scent? This fresh cut lilacs wall flower plug-in from Bath & Body Works reminds me of spring! Pro-tip, shop Bath & Body Works' after Christmas & mid-summer Semi-Annual Sale{s}  to stock up on your favorite wallflowers which are discounted to $3.00!

Bath & Body Works Wall Flowers 

3. Fun Knobs

Swapping out the factory knobs on cabinets & drawers is a secret passion of mine! Places such as TJ Maxx & Anthropologie always have the prettiest collection of knobs you can buy. The white curio cabinet has been in my room for a while & I have recently switched to crystal-inspired accents. I found these pretty crystal knobs at Hobby Lobby.

Switch out basic knobs to ones that match your decor for a quick room refresh effect! 

The blue curio cabinet was actually my grandpas {most of the items inside are in there as a memory of him}. The room that it is now in has a modern BOHO/desert vibe. I found these BEAUTIFUL cut crystal knobs at TJ Maxx & love'em!

All of these ways are super easy methods of organizing your home as well as boosting your current decor. 

Shop a few of my favorites below: 

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