Say Organize! Apps to Digitally Save & Organize Your Photos

Say Organize! Apps to Digitally Save & Organize Your Photos 

When it comes to entering a New Year {hello, a new decade!} one word is on everyone's lips {or at least their mental to-do-list} organize!!

If you'll recall, I Marie-Kondo all late July into August of 2019 & it felt pretty amazing to do some home organizing as well as purging. Continuing, we have gone on to do other parts of the house.

I feel organizing is something you have to do at least once a month to stay on top of clutter & buildup.

Looking at our phones, there are SO many photos living there & taking up space. I have gotten into the habit of organizing my photos on my phone into 'albums' using two photo apps.

Once or twice a month, I go through my photos & put them into albums on these apps--whether I am adding new photos to existing albums in the apps or creating new albums, I try to keep up with it all.

The two {main} apps I use to organize my photos are Google Photos & Lightroom.

Google Photos

It is pretty simple! Google Photos does a great job syncing your saved photos & videos to it's 'hub.' I then go in & delete whatever photos, videos, &/or screenshots I don't want & then add the remaining new photos to my pre-existing albums {or create some new ones}.

Google Photos is also great because you can Search your photos to quickly pull up any images you wish & download it {quickly} to your phone's library.

Lightroom Albums 

I also use Lighroom's Album feature to save & organize other photos that are saved on my Lightroom app/album. I have found this to be really useful if I am looking for a specific photo from a past trip & many other options from my pets to past blog collaborations.

So, it's pretty easy to organize your images on phone & tablets, but it's keeping up with it that makes the idea work & handy!

Happy New Year & Happy Organizing.   

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  1. I love Google Photos!!!! They're the best for backing up photos and organizing them!
    - meg |