Apples to Apples: Guide to Autumn Apple Picking

Apples to Apples: Guide to Autumn Apple Picking 

What should you bring when you go apple picking?

It seemed like only yesterday, that it was strawberry picking season. In a blink of an eye or one big cannonball splash, here we are, approaching autumn. One thing that I enjoy about the change of seasons is that the change brings new things in-season such as apples. 

Here in the Northeast, apple picking is almost like an autumnal right of passage.  Mostly, the seasonal apples are plentiful & good. Good for the pick'n, eh

Actually, apples {green Granny Smith} are my favorite fruit, hands down! Typically, we pick our apples at a farmer's fruit & veggie location called Less & Less Farms

Okay, so, as you can tell, I have picked a few apples in my day, so, are you ready for some tips so that you make the most out of your apple picking outing? Like a good Apple Brown Betty, I am ready to dish...

The best practices when apple picking
Guide to Apple Picking 

  • Know Your Apples:
    So, I just Googled how many types of apples exist & it's well-over 6,000 apples! The apples that I mostly pick here in the Northeast are Jonathan Apples, Macintosh Apples, Yellow Magonila Apples, Cortland Apples, Red Delicious Apples, & Granny Smith Apples. Each apple has it's own flavor, texture, & one might be better than another for various bakes/recipe 
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  • Ask Questions: Before picking, feel free to ask those who run the farm about the different apples. Here, they can tell you about each apple's taste, texture, & how to use them in different recipes. 
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  • Arrive Early: If you can, arriving at the apple picking destination early {saying opening time} means you'll beat the crowds. Of course, you're there to pick apples, but there will be plenty of farm-y-fall-aesthetic photos opportunities too. This way, it'll be just you & the orchids {& probably some cute pumpkins}. 
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  • Wear Your Wellies: From my experience wearing some sort of clog or rain boot is the best footwear for apple picking. Not only does the ground have the chance of being muddy, but there are often ruts from the tractors/farm equipment that you can easily stumble in. A good, sturdy, weather-proof shoe will be your best friend. 
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  • Bring Your Camera: As noted above, visiting a fall farm offers endless amounts of photo & content opportunities. For a different photography spin, leave your DSLR camera at home & bring a film or disposable camera. 
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  • Bring ReUsable Bags: Often, apple picking places give you plastic bags to pick & take your apples home in. Bring your own reusable bags if you're an eco-warrior & would like Mother Earth to have more apples for you to pick the next year. =}
How many types of apples are there?
Apple Picking in Northeast Ohio

My favorite fall activity is apple picking

So, you just came back with a haul of freshly picked apples. What should you do with them? Me, I am a minimalist, meaning, I just eat'em as is.  However, if you're feeling creative candy apples are really festive this time of year. 

& If you're keeping your apple recipe healthy, try making an Apple Waldorf Salad

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