Pet-Inspired Valentine Card Box DIY

DIY Valentine Card Box

Pet-Inspired Valentine Card Box DIY 

When it comes to love, the forms of the purest & undying love, our pets fill that gap with their daily affection & yes, love. 

When it comes to fun Valentine Card box ideas, why not take a cue from our true loves, our pets & fashion a card box to look like them? This simple holiday craft fashions an empty tissue box into Valentine Card Box that resembles my dog, Bentley. However, you can easily alter the materials to look like your dog or cat. 

small butterscotch dog
Bentley, Yorkie-Bichon Mix 

I also like this craft as it reuses otherwise trash at your house to make something else. I am a big believer in making something new out of something you already own. 

Dog Card Box
Paint your tissue box the color of your dog's fur 


Tissue Box

Paint in the color of your pet's fur

Construction paper


Tissue box crafts
Dog Inspired Valentine Card Box 


Take your empty tissue box & paint in the colors of your pet's coat. Let dry & cut out shapes {eyes, nose, ears, tongue} to glue on. Here, you can be as precise or avant-garde with the way to cut your shapes. I went more abstract with my Valentine card box. 

After everything is glued on, add your pet's collar, in other words, a ribbon around the box. See, this Valentine's craft was so simple & instead of tossing your tissue paper & scrap paper, you made something completely new.

Dog Valentines

dog valentine box
DIY Valentine Card Box 

Valentine Card Box

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pink roses
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Valentine box

Wishing you & your fur-babe a very loving Valentine's Day. 

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Dog Valentine Box

Pet Valentines