Winter Motivation: How I Stay Motivated During the Winter Months

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Winter Motivation: How I Stay Motivated During the Winter Months 

It's cold. The sky is gray. The wind is harsh. & Summer seems like a galaxy far, far away. In other words, it's winter, the world's most extended season. 

If you're a summer girl {or guy} like me, then winter is the one season you wish to keep off your radar. After all, there are so many layers to the season, & did I mention, it's cold? That's not counting the Ohio wind chill. 

Winter may be the most challenging season for folks to feel their best, let alone, stay motivated to live a healthy & productive lifestyle. Not-to-mention, happy. 

It's possible to be productive & stay motivated during winter, I trug through each season, committed to coming out of the cold days, healthy & ready for spring. 

If you feel like the gloom of the winter days gets you down or uninspires you to accomplish your daily tasks, I have a few tips that I use to boost my motivation during the winter months. 

Read the below.

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How I find motivation in the winter 

Winter Motivation: How I Stay Motivated During the Winter Months 

  • Hobbies & Side Hustles: Having a hobby & or side hustle is a great way to channel your energy & productivity to staying busy during winter. Mine is photography. Wanting to improve my photography, provides me with a purpose to get up each day & create more {new} images. You don't have to be a professional at anything in order to become motivated. The mindful commitment to practicing your skill, each day, will empower you to live your best life, even during the months of January to March. 
  • Fitness Routine: Committing to getting 8-10 thousand steps a day may not seem like much, but if you make it a goal to move your body for X amount of time or x amount of steps, your mental health & physical health will inspire you to stay active & limber all winter long.  
  • Get Outside: Yes, even in the winter {careful of ice & wind chill} I love to go outside & work out. The brisk air & the sun {whenever she showsup} does wonders for my mental & physical state of being. 
  • Treat Yourself: Treating yourself to accomplishing whatever it is on your list during the cold-weather months is another way to keep motivated. Treats don't have to be grand, they can be a Dunkin' ice latte run or an evening watching one of your favorite Youtuber's new videos
  • Read: Personally, I a someone who has to commit, & force myself to read. I try to read at least three interesting informative articles per day as well as a few chapters of whatever book I am reading at the time. Currently, I am making my way through a good chunk of Elin Hilderbrand novels. 
What really inspires me is the seasons, I am in a phase of life where I am trying to be mindful as well as present during the current season I am in & take advantage of the changes that arise with the current season. My photography is heavily influenced by the seasons & I use each month as a new opportunity to better my skills & keep my portfolio as well as blog {here!} updated. 

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