Meet Finley...A Puppy Story

Black and Tan Yorkie Puppy

Meet Finley...A Puppy Story 

Sometimes you set out looking for a puppy & other times the puppy, you, & the Universe work together in order to come together.

Black and Tan Yorkie Puppy
Finley & his welcome-home cake 

Meet Finley!

Meet Finley. A male, black, & tan Yorkie puppy, born on October 28th, 2022.  Finley Oliver Lucky Chef came into our lives with a rocky start. 

vanilla sheet cake
A puppy cake 

Backpedal to November of 2022, we had a down payment on a newly born Particular Yorkie {black and white Yorkie}. In the days leading up to the day we were to go bring this dog home, the breeder texts he died. 

Strange & disturbing events started to unravel from her story. Whatever truly happened to that puppy will be a mystery. Fate is a strange {&strong} force. The entire duration of the weeks leading up to bringing that puppy home, I was really dreading it. I didn't feel any attachment to the Parti-Yorkie. Sadly. 

Fate & my passed dog Bentley had their hands & paws into leading us to Finley. However, there were still choppy seas ahead. 

Finley arrived home just at two pounds, friendly, happy, healthy, & adorable. With all puppies, especially Toy Breeds, it is common for them to go hypoglycemic if they skip a meal or don't eat enough. It is common & can be turned around quickly yet it isn't something you want to happen. 

One fateful Friday, the day of Finley's first well-check with a new vet, he slipped into a hypoglycemic episode & we were having a hard time snapping him out of it until his 11:30 am vet appointment who would not see him nor any other vet until that timeframe. He was in & out of continuous since 6 a.m. 

I can think of three to four worst days of my life, & this was in the top three worst.  Upon arriving at the vet, Sunny Ridge, in Rodger's Ohio {please don't take your pets there} His hypo condition was overlooked & not treated. They sent us away with no treatment, telling us that Finley would probably die he needs to be in the ICU & probably won't make it...go home & bleach your house. 

However, fate, Bentley, & the Universe guided the situation, even though we didn't see it, driving with a dying puppy on my lap, scarred, & thinking we were losing him, had other plans. 

A women whom we adopted Finley from, hastily took him after we left the vet--we didn't know how she'd save him. Would we see him again? 

I believe that Bentley is Finley's guardian angel. For ten days, Amanda, Finley's caretaker & second guardian angel, nursed Finny back to health. We brought him {back} home on a cold February Monday afternoon with a new feeding routine & a thankful heart. 

hypoglycemic puppy tips
Finley, a Yorkie Puppy 

Right now, knock on the ship's wood, the seas are a bit calmer. Finley is the happiest little boy. Riley, his newly appointed big brother is still warming to him, but there is love surfacing.  

Not yet, Finley hasn't met a person he hasn't liked. Everything is new, fun, & exciting. The bigger the water bowl, the better. He has his own imagination & has inspired mine in more ways than one. 

The lesson that I have learned, thus far, is there are shitty people out there. However, with every shithead, there is someone kind. Be thankful for kindness in your day-to-day. Don't take a peaceful morning or the health of your pets for granted. Love comes in many forms. 

I have been lucky enough to experience love through my dogs, both past & present. 

Welcome to the Chef family, Finley. 

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Black and Tan Yorkie Puppy

a puppy story
A puppy story...