Winter Shoes: Comfort & Easy to Slip-On

Skechers D'Lites - Comfy Steps

Winter Shoes: Comfort & Easy to Slip-On

Remember the days of trudging off to grade school in your boots during the winter slush season & having to carry your sneakers to change into upon arriving at your classroom. Not only was it a pain to carry two pairs of shoes to school, but struggling to unleash your feet {the one sock would always fall off your foot} from the inside of your boots was sheer horror. 

Maybe I am being dramatic, but I hate boots. I hate shoes where there is no quick escape. Possibly, this fear stems from my phobia of long-term commitment, but shoes that are a struggle to take on & off, who has the time? Let alone, the patience? Not me. 

This is why I am a clog girl. Crocs, clogs, sensible slides, I am in. You already know, I love Crocs. However, when winter strikes, Crocs can be a bit chilly!

Unless, you wear the lined clogs, which come in a delightful rainbow of colors. Personally, I like the basic gray-lined Croc color as well as the pastel-lined Crocs. 

However, for the days when I don't want to wear Crocs, I found a new winter go-to shoe. 

comfy winter sneakers
Sketchers Winter Clogs & Sneakers 

Skechers D'Lites - Comfy Steps
Sketchers D'Lights-Comfy Step 

Winter Sketchers
Go-to Winter Shoes

 Winter Shoes: Comfort & Easy to Slip-On

Sketchers D'Lights Comfy Step. These shoes are like a lined Croc & Sneaker if they met & started a family. These winter Sketchers D'Lights are like a sneaker, with a clog-style back. They are heavier than a Croc, more sturdy & I would say run true to size. I am a size 8 & bought an 8. The Sketcher Delights come in a tan, white, & black variety. Each color is lined with a sherpa-like fabric. The tan is more of an exterior leather look & the black is more of a suede look. Mine are black & I sprayed them with water-resistant spray prior to wearing them. 

So far, so good! The Sketchers D'Lights are great for walks around town, errands, & taking photos. The color & style of the shoe goes with almost all my casual daily wear. 

 My Winter Shoes: Comfort & Easy to Slip-On

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Skechers D'Lites - Comfy Steps
Sketchers D'Lights Comfy Step, Black 

Black Skechers D'Lites - Comfy Steps