How I Feel When I Wear Crocs

Purple Crocs

How I Feel When I Wear Crocs

Those who watched the first season of Netflix's Emily in Paris may recall when Emily sprayed the luxury perfume her marketing firm represents & shares that the scent of the French perfume is like wearing poetry. 

purple crocs

Woman Crocs

Well, when I slip into my Crocs {which is daily} it's like Chicken Soup for the sole, as in 'Sole' of your feet, but also 'Soul', as it really brings me a sense of happiness. Oh, Mon Dieu! 

Long before Crocs had a resurrection {& price hike} I have been wearing Crocs, since 2009. I still have my first pair of classic Crocs, they're purple & my mom bought them for me for my birthday. Purple was the color picked as I was going to attend Mount Union College, home of the Purple Raiders later that fall. 

Whenever I wear my Crocs, not only a smile is brought to my face, but they are shoes that make others smile too. In fact, conversations with strangers can be conjured just over a pair of colorful clogs. 

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How I feel when I wear Crocs 

woman in purple winter crocs

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VW Bus Jibbitz 

Truly, I have either worn or owned a large variety of Crocs. To date, my favorite clogs to wear are the Crocs Bands, but also love my platform Crocs as well as winter Crocs. If you're a reader of the blog, you'll recall many blog posts where I share styling clogs { here & here} but no posts dedicated to the one pair of shoes that I wear everywhere & every day! 

Crocs, like other shoes {UGGs come to mind}, are a required taste & I can recall push back {odd statres} I have also gotten from wearing clogs/Crocs. However, if you wear something that truly feels as if you're feeding your soul with love, happiness, & joy, stepping out in what makes you feel that way top anyone else's opinion. 

women in purple crocs
Lavender Lined Crocs 

purple winter crocs

So, how do I really feel when I wear Crocs? 

  • Happy
  • Empowered
  • Confident
  • Playful
  • Creative
  • Fun 

Long-live Crocs, I'll wear them my whole life. 

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