Five Tasks I Do as a Content Creator at the Start of the New Year

Five Tasks I Do as a Content Creator at the Start of the New Year

Another year went & another year has come. First, let me wish you a very Happy New Year! I have to admit, this time of the year is my least favorite as we venture into the dead of winter, but I also appreciate it as I am glad to escape all of the holiday{s} hype & clutter.

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As a content creator & freelancer, the start of a new year is always busy with behind scenes paperwork & activities. 

Often, I am busy months leading up to now creating, writing,  & posting content that other elements take the back end. I want to compose a blog post sharing Five Tasks I Do as a Content Creator at the Start of the New Year, because it may really help creators & freelancers. 

Before digging into tasks that I do as a content creator at the start of a new year, getting my desk/living space organized & decluttered is always on the list too. I can't work in space if I know it's not the way I want it to be. After the holidays, I like a clean, refreshed, uncluttered living/working space. What about you? 

Okay, let's dive into this New Year Content Creator Organization List! 

Tasks i do at the start of the new year as a content creator
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Five Tasks I Do as a Content Creator at the Start of the New Year:

  1.  Organize My Digital Life/Digital Detox: As noted above, working as a content creator/freelancer, the holiday season is busy--which is good! However, once that is over, I need a digital detox--a break from social media. I typically take from Christmas Eve to the week after Jan 1st off not only to clear my head, regain inspiration but to organize.  Just as you'd organize your closet, do so with your digital life. I go through documents, folders, images, services, & everything digital to get rid of what I am no longer using & tidy up what I am. 
  2. Update Social Profiles & Photos: Similar to the above, but I go through my social media accounts & update my bylines, links, & profile photos on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, my websites, you name it! I also go through my IG Story Highlights & declutter! I delete highlights that no longer serve a purpose as well as remove stories that I no longer wish to highlight. I also add/make new IG Story Highlights that resonates with my current message{s}.  This is also a good time to make sure all of your passwords are secure & you have two-step-verification turned ON! 
  3.  Clean Camera Lenses & Sensors: At the start of the new year, I like to make sure my gear is ready to go! I clean my camera lenses & sensors. I also take inventory of my camera gear & mentally note if I want to upgrade/trade-in gear for the upcoming year. This way, I can save money for it as well as research the new gear I would want to buy. 
  4. Manage Subscription Services: As a content creator & being self-employed, there are many subscription services that renew at some point within the new year. This can be anywhere from Lightroom to Honey Book, Tailwind to Photoshop. I make a list of all my subscription services, when they are scheduled to renew, how much, & tally them. I also note to cancel any services I wish not to auto-renew! This is also a good time of year to check on your domain names & website hosting platforms--making sure your contact info is up-to-date as well as your domain name is still yours. 
  5. Tax Prep: Tax prep, my least favorite new year task! My advice, if you are self-employed, get a personal accountant who is experienced working with freelancers/self-employed. It makes a world of difference & beats going it alone. 
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