Houndstooth for Fall


Houndstooth for Fall

Do you ever feel as if there is some always talking? Figuratively mostly, but also really? So many voices loud, over talking all fighting to get their two-sense out there. Voices promoting their podcasts, political views, affiliate links, social views, & so on. 

With all of the loud voices, over-talking, always talking, I find myself more so than ever before, re-treating. I re-treat to a place where there are fewer apps, fewer nightly news highlights, re-treating to a place where there is less. 

Houndstooth women's pants
Effortless Fall Fashion 

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Houndstooth pants

If you haven't read my post where I simplified my iPhone, then maybe it's time to consider digital minimalism?  Maybe you too feel tired of all the constant talking, constant over-sharing, constant fighting for attention?

It started with me seeking digital minimalism & it has spiraled into parts of my life, such as wardrobe. I purposely styled {past season} Who What Wear houndstooth pants with a simple cream turtle neck & high Lotta Clogs

Houndstooth is one of those timeless prints that holds its own, says a lot without being too flashy or too loud. I like houndstooth. It's understated, but don't underestimate this print. I can picture this print on a quaint countryside cottage setting or strutting down time-worn cobblestone streets in a European city. 

Instead of linking to places where you can buy these looks, I am linking to past posts where you can seek out inspiration for your fall style & allow your own voice, your own vision to say something too. 

Women's fall fashion trends

fall rust flowers
Find solace in the little things 

women's clogs

Fall tree with lake

"I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift."

– Dodinsky

Looking for more inspiration, I am on Pinterest.  

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