Pro-Wrapper: How-To Transform Household Items into Holiday Gift Wrap

Pro-Wrapper: How-To Transform Household Items into Holiday Gift Wrap 

Sadly last year, especially at the end of 2020, right as the holidays were starting, my attempt to be a good recycler went out the window. We decided it was too risky to keep going to the recycling center. Normally, we'd go 3-5 times a week, but at the height of the pandemic, we just stopped.  

Not recycling or being as green as I liked to be was heartbreaking. 

Repurposing Paper brown bags for Christmas wrapping

One thing I tried to do to offset my not recycling during the pandemic last holiday season, & will re-implement in this year's gifts, was re-purposing household items into gift wrap. If you recall a few of my past holiday posts, you'll know I like to craft here & there. 

It is really easy to re-purpose household items like paper towel tubes, oatmeal containers, plastic lids, & paper bags as they are all items we have in our homes. Really, they are waiting to be transformed into sustainable gift wrap. 

In this post, I turned a plastic lid into a little snowman face & used it in a gift basket type of situation. Another re-purposed gift wrap item I used was a cardboard oatmeal container, notecards, & a brown paper grocery store bag. 

I'll show you how I did so in each photo. 

DIY Holiday Gift Tag 

Repurposed Notecard Gift Tags

Taking two-lined note cards, I glued them together {lines facing inward} & was able to make a bunch of holiday gift tags. As for the little trees, I found a pack at the dollar store, & did a little extra DIY-ing adding them & some light blue card stock over the notecards. 

Sustainable brown bag Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas
Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas 

Repurposed Rudolph Gift Bag  

Reusing brown paper grocery bags is probably one of the most common things to repurpose when wrapping gifts. I used the brown bag for the main portion of the deer's body, traced my hands for the antlers, & re-used a big red plastic lid {that was on a chocolate almond milk gallon} for the deer's nose. 
I hand drew some eyes on cardstock & used those for the eyes. If you like to sparkle, glitter glue adds sparkle without adding glitter all over the house. 

DIY Gift Wrap

Repurposed Snowman Lid 

I took the plastic lid off of an oatmeal container & I then painted it to look like a snowman face. I used the paint plastic lid & added it inside a gift basket I made up. I felt better able to recycle the lid in a creative way as opposed to just throwing it away. 

Repurposing Household Items for Gift Wrap
Repurposing Household Items into Gift Wrap 

Repurposed Oatmeal Container Gift Wrap 

I first got the idea to wrap all of my gifts in a sustainable method when I saw an oatmeal container in the trash {at home}. I actually used this to wrap a treat jar & it fit perfectly inside. Simply, wrap your container in your gift wrap of choice & embellish the wrapping with ribbon & or a bow! It's so easy! 

There you have it, sustainable gift wrap using household items, easy, right? If you love this, I am always sharing more creativity on my Instagram @ Katelynchef