Two-Toned Ceramic Houses Target Dollar Spot DIY

Two-Toned Ceramic Houses Target Dollar Spot DIY 

“Come in, -- come in! and know me better, man! I am the Ghost of Christmas Present. Look upon me! You have never seen the like of me before!”
― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

When I was little, I always watch The Muppets A Christmas Carol which made me aware of the actual A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens when we read it in school & actually enjoyed {still enjoy} the classic Christmas story again & again.

I think the holidays are a great time to craft as you can turn on your favorite holiday movie & pass the evening by.

This year, I took a few of Target's Dollar Spot ceramic houses & DIY'd them--just a little. Each year, it seems that Target's Dollar Spot re-does their take on ceramic houses. I noticed this year, the holiday Target Dollar Spot ceramic homes have either rose gold, silver, gold roofs on a white home. The metallic roof homes were $5.00 each. 

The homes I painted were from Target's Dollar Spot fall collection. I purchased these homes for $3.00 each.

For the two white ceramic homes, I painted the base rose-gold & gold. On all three ceramic homes, I made a tiny wreath & adhered it to the home's fronts.

I purchased my paints at Target & the wire wreath roll via Hobby Lobby.

You'll also need painter's tape, hot glue gun, ribbon, & paintbrush.


Step 1 Taping the homes to make the line to paint 

Step 2 paint the homes' base below the painter's tape line


Stepp 3 Creating the Wreaths 

I took the wreath wire & cut small strips. Then I wrapped each strip in a tight-small circle to make a wreath. I added a sliver of black ribbon to each wreath before hot gluing onto the homes. 

Step 4 Gluing wreaths to homes' front/adding ribbon 


In addition to painting the Target Dollar Spot houses, I also painted pinecones in matching colors to arrange in a little grouping. 

Paint Ceramic Homes: Christmas Craft Idea 
Step 5 Display in a cheerful spot!