More Than a Grinch: One Holiday Plaid Dress: Three Ways

Dr. Seuss' The Grinch. I hated it as a kid. Well not hate, but really I didn't pay much attention to it nor felt a strong yearning to watch {& read} the story as Christmastime approached.

This past summer, I realized that The Grinch {2018} with Benedict Cumberbatch as The Grinch was now streaming on Netflix. So, I decided to watch this animated film about a grumpy, slightly hostile, lonely, and truly funny green man during the heat of the summer---& it melted my heart

After watching this particular story of The Grinch & all of its characters; The Who's from Whoville, Max, the reindeer family, & little Cindy Lou Who, I finally understood the meaning of The Grinch's story--love, compassion, & inclusion.

Christmastime is marketed as The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. In many ways, it can be, but Christmastime can also be a tiring time for many for whatever reason.

After watching the surprisingly laugh-out-loud newest animation of The Grinch {its for adults too, right?} it is easy to come to the conclusion that no one should be excluded from anything merely based on appearances {& you can continue on with this by going into faith, beliefs, & so on} as Mr. Grinch was excluded when he was little {which ate away at his heart}.

This holiday season, we can all take a note out of the 2018 animation as The Who's from Whoville welcomed Mr. Grinch into their homes {even after her tired to foil their holiday plans} out of pure kindness & generosity.

It goes to show, a little act of {holiday} kindness goes along the way this time of year, especially when it is directed toward someone who isn't expecting it.


& Now for my outfit details. I wanted to create a concept around the idea of wearing one simple {yet festive} holiday dress & doing one quick change to make the look take on a whole new look for a whole new holiday event.

I was able to create three looks out of this City Streets comfy plaid dress via JC Penneys which is a steal as I bought mine under $20.00.

Each look, I kept the same shoes but made small tweaks with accessories & so forth. See what you think!

Casual: Aprés Ski Look

Holiday Style 

SKI Sweater is via Sail to Sable {c/o}

No Doubt: Christmas with a Little Edge Look 

Party Hop: Classic Christmas Party Look 

The Perfect {plaid} Christmas Dress 

 "To kindness and love, the things we need most!" The Grinch {2018}