Sign. Sealed. Sent. Holiday Christmas Cards 101

Sign. Sealed. Sent. Holiday Christmas Cards 101 

Phases, fads, phenomenons, & trends...they all come & go. The art of sending a card in the mail is rare at times, but still very relevant in an instant world in which we all live.

 **A special thank you to Artifact Uprising for gifting me the opportunity to make my own Christmas Cards for the 2019 Holiday Season. 

This Year's Christmas Card 

I don't know about you, but the movement of department stores forever closing their doors as online boutiques {& big digital retailers} swoop in to take up their space has me rather sad as some of the 'old' things are fading quickly into the past.

While I can't help the fact that a few of my favorite stores {such as my local Dillards} have closed their IRL doors, I can keep something 'old' relevant. That something old is sending Christmas Cards/Holiday Cards in the mail.

Yes, Christmas cards are still a thing & yes, people like to get holiday cards. However, the act of sending Christmas cards may be a time-honored tradition, but today's Christmas cards are anything but old-school.

Thanks to a variety of beautiful pre-designed holiday templates found on an array of online outlets {as well as in-store kiosks} make ordering your holiday cards not only simple but fun too.

Aside from deciding on what card design to go with, the hardest part might be picking what photo{s} to include on your Christmas/Holiday Cards!

My friends at Artifact Uprising have shared their Christmas cards tips & photography tricks so this way, you can have the loveliest greeting cards the mailman ever-did deliver.

Merry Script Holiday Card/ Artifact Uprising {c/o}

Holiday Card Tips via the Experts at Artifact Uprising:

1. Getting the Best Shot: 
Sometimes the outtakes make the best photos. Try to use the burst mode on your camera & ask your subjects to interact with one another, rather than pose and look at the camera. Or get the most candid shot of your kids, when you ask if they're excited about the holiday and what present they're hoping for!

2. It's All in the Details:
Holiday cards don't just have to be posed portraits in matching outfits! Include that incredible sunset photo you took or one of the hundreds of photos of your pet. Your friends & family want to see those everyday moments that bring you joy.

3. Scroll Through Your Camera Roll:
Don't feel like you can't send out a holiday card if you didn't get a professional to take your family photo? Share your favorite moments from your year with the day-to-day photos from your camera roll.

4. Trouble Choosing?:
When you're trying to decide on photos for a multi-image card, ask yourself a few questions that will help you pare down the options.
{1} What was your greatest adventure this year?
{2}What photo would you'd want to pass down to the next generation?
{3}What photo represents pure joy?
{4}What photo represents something new you did this year?

5. When to Send:
For our early birds, late October/ early November is a great time to mail your cards out so they don't get missed amidst the holiday shuffle. The sweet spot is around mid-November, right around the time people are spending more time at home. If your calendar gets a little chaotic, New Year's cards can be a great option as well!

6). Extra, Extra!:
We always recommend ordering about 10 or so extras - you might receive a card from someone you forgot, and you'll be happy you have an extra on hand to send them! It's also nice to keep a few for yourself to look back on over the years.

Holiday Card Tips 

For {nine} additional holiday card photo ideas as well as tips you can read them on Artifact Uprising's blog, here.

& If you'd like to receive a Christmas card from me this year, kindly send along your request to 


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