Tech the Halls: Cozy Digital Wallpaper For You!

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."--Mother Theresa

Tech the Halls: Cozy Digital Wallpaper For You! 

Sunday marked December 1st & we are officially knee-deep in the holiday season. I have to admit, an upcoming trip makes me feel as if I am 'skipping' Christmas in real-life as the plotline went in the movie Christmas with the Kranks & book, Skipping Christmas.

Truthfully, I have always wanted to holiday away from home as others run toward home, but only because I have never holidayed anywhere but home.

As for the trip, I am not sure how it will go, but the idea of skipping Christmas {like the Kranks} is intriguing for sure. In my opinion, Christmas isn't so much a destination or spot, but a state-of-mind.

& In order to enjoy the holidays, you have to be in the right state-of-mind. Essentially after that mentality is achieved, one can carry Christmas with theme wherever their travels lead.

Speaking of carrying things with you, this is a very special post as it is in collaboration with illustrator @ _KindaJoy & the THREE Cozy Plaid Tech Wallpaper we co-collaborated on.

We are both excited as now everyone can download & dress their tech with festive holiday wallpaper{s}.

This phone wallpaper is perfect for the winter months on your phones & tablets--not just at Christmastime.

& If you are a Newsletter subscriber, you will have already seen the exclusive illustrated holiday card that you can send digitally or print.

Please see the digital cozy plaid tech downloads below & I hope your December is off to a merry start!

Lastly, a BIG thank you to @ _KindaJoy for creating these. Follow her on Instagram if you are not already.

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  1. I love these backgrounds - they make a great way to add some extra holiday cheer!! I hope you're having a festive December so far!
    - meg |