Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girl on the Go!

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girl on the Go! 

Know someone who is always on the go-go? Really, she's never in one place, but like Christmas, she leaves sparkles all over the place?

Going back to the old Kate Spade reference, she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes...

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1. Kodak Fun Saver 35mm Single Use Camera via {Amazon}

2. DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo/ White via {Amazon}

3. Notting Hill Glasses { prescription/blue light blocking & blue light blocking /non perscription avail} via {Eyebuy Direct}

4. NOOK Glow 3 via {Barnes & Noble}

5. Phone Tripod Mount with Bluetooth Remote via {Amazon}

6. Women's Luana {Black Glitter} Combat Boot via {Famous Footwear}

Gifts for Her

Well, then this is the gift guide for you: Gifts for the Girl on the Go. I composed this gift guide with me & my 2019 travels in-mind. This year, I have done the most amount of travel & all of which have to lead me to either owning or wanting to own these six items.

Before diving into the guide & its links, a few notes. For someone who has been wanting to dabble in film photography, but doesn't want to invest in an expensive film camera, I recommend a disposable camera.

I took my disposable Kodak to South Beach & had a blast. The photos turned out better than I thought. For the adventure girl wanting those cool aerial shots, a drone is a way to go.

A drone is a BIG investment, but I found the DJI Spark is a modest price, but a great value & quality for the money. This particular drone is also great for beginners as it isn't too difficult to fly or get-the-hang of using. This drone is the one I purchased & have been using since August. Her name is Thumbelina.

Other items on this list are self-explanatory, but a goal for my 2020 life is to read more, but I also just 'Marie Kondo'd' my entire room so I don't want to clog my bookcase back up with books. Therefore, I am thinking about Barnes & Noble's NOOK Glow 3.

In addition to saving space with books, I think the NOOK Glow 3 is a practical travel item to carry with you while traveling.

Item # five on my list, well, that is something I am just now toying with. It is a Bluetooth remote & cell phone adapter for your camera tripod. This way, when I am capturing content as well as creating videos, I can be in the shots. This seems like the perfect tool for the content creator who does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work herself!   

In addition to the gifts for the girl on the go above, I also added a few accessories, as well as the Apple Watch Series Four {which, will be on sale throughout the shopping season} to my list of items. I still wear my Apple Watch Series 1 every time I travel--I haven't upgraded it yet!

Happy Gifting!

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  1. These are all great gifts - I love the NOOK glow!! Reading electronically is such a great way to save space! Happy Thanksgiving!
    - meg |