Winter Wonderful: Pet Holiday Gift Guide

" It's not what's under the Christmas tree that matters. It's who's around it."--A Charlie Brown Christmas

Winter Wonderful: Pet Holiday Gift Guide  

At the end of a long day, who's there to great you at the door? Your dog. No matter your mood, who's there to lend an ear, a paw for support? Your dog. Who's there to make little life moments become the most memorable? Your dog.

Pets in general, make moments of everyday feel like the holidays. They're just special & I want to create a holiday gift guide for pets & pet parents to celebrate the joy that our dogs give us each day--sorry cat owners, I have always owned dogs.

This year, I have curated a stylish dog-inspired gift guide for dog lovers & yes, dogs!

Please note, some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means I make a small commission from the purchases using my links. I appreciate your support.  

1. Pottery  Barn | 2. JC Pennys | 3. Farmer's Dog | 4. JC Penneys | 5. Nordstrom |

1. Canopy Pet bed By William Sonoma Inc, via {Pottery Barn}

2. Paw & Tail Pet Lover Mug via {JC Penneys}

3. Farmer's Dog 'real food, made fresh, & delivered to your dog'

4. Paw & Tail Gingham Dog Bed Set via {JC Penneys}

5. Wild One Pet Carrier via {Nordstorm}

Item No. three on my pet gift guide is a big one, but a good one. My two dogs have been eating the turkey Farmer's Dog recipe for about three months now & they LOVE IT. The Farmer's Dog is a subscription dog food meal plan where they make the food fresh & deliver it {frozen} to your door. There are different meal varieties, all of the recipes are made from real-fresh ingredients & there are no additives & or fillers.

Pet Holiday Gift Guide 

Eating the Farmer's Dog food, my dogs' fur coats have improved drastically from just okay to shiny & thick. You can use my curated link to get 50% off your first Farmer's Dog order!

In addition to the Farmer's Dog, one treat that I love to feed my dogs is the dog treats, Fruitables as they love the flavors that are made with superfruits as well as their seasonal varieties such as cranberry-pumpkin. Fruitable dog treats would make great stocking stuffers for your dogs this Christmas.

Lastly, who can pass up a cute dog sweater? Max Bone released its Disney Frozen Collection at the end of October & it is so adorable. Not only is the line of sweaters & coats adorable, but it is also practical for your pets to wear in the winter.

Shop all of my holiday pet gifts in the graphic above as well as additional items in the widget below! 


  1. That gingham bed is adorable! Your pets are so lucky to have you!
    - meg |