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Visions of Rose Gold: Lauren Conrad NYFW Spring 2016 Kohls Runway Collection

September 30, 2015

Snap. Click. Swoon. Awe. No, that's not the sound of my heart when scanning the internet for clips & images from this past New York Fashion Week, but rather {as I can only imagine} it is the sound of NYFW photographers, editor, journalist, bloggers, & fashion illustrators going into a fashion frenzy at all the amazing design showcases.

There were a few shows this year that I thought to be well, spellbinding. The Kohl's Lauren Conrad Spring Runway Collection 2016 Collection was indeed one of them.

Looking at the images of LC Runway Kohl's Collection {both for the line's campaign photos & the photo from the actual fashion show} are just visionary. To put into words & not sounds.

I am still finding myself loving the soft touches of pinks & rose gold in conjunction with a whimsical woodsy atmosphere & soft velvety, silky, lacy fabric touches. These are a few of the many qualities that make this line so appealing. Not to mention, I can {literally} drive to my Kohl's store & buy the looks shown at NYFW 2015 with my 30% off coupon! & I am pretty sure, I can earn $10 Kohl's cash for every $50 bucks I spend!

I mean, Kohl's & Miss Lauren you're both creative geniuses! I know. I know, but you may not know--the retailer/designer Spring 2016 Runway Collection is labeled, Limited Edition-so, we all better run-away with these finds while they still are in stock--& looking at the LC Sequin Swing dress {$67} it won't be long before they are gone.

Above & below you'll see a few of my favorite looks that I have my eye on {both from the LC Runway Collection & her Fall Ready-Wear} & yes, my inside are going, Ooh, awe, pop, fizz, mmm.... 

Aren't yours?  Xo Xo.


Living & Creating a Brightly Decorated Life & Brand: Evelyn Henson

September 28, 2015

@EvelynHenson, Instagram 

Simply taking a glimpse at Evelyn Henson's website, designs, Instagram feed, & blog you don't need a road map--or painting lesson to realize that she & her illustrations are full of wit & whimsy. Not-to-mention, imagination & overall creativity. Whether you are shopping for original art to hang by your bedside, browsing for an amusing zebra illustrated mug, or skimming  through the Evelyn Henson Blog you will be inspired by all the cheery colors, vibrancy, & cheeky humor. 

It is in Evelyn's mission statement that she hopes to share her designs & her tips to living a brightly decorated life. & by doing so {following her advice}you can make the lives of those around you a little brighter--a little more stylish too. 

Evelyn Henson

Evelyn's journey to becoming an artist started back in May of 2012 when she was inspired to paint  her mother a painting for a personalized Mother's Day gift. & on her website, Evelyn admits, "I haven't been able to put down the paint brush since."

We are so thrilled that she hasn't! Her goodies range from collaborated prints which she did with Carly from The College Prepster to journals (5 x 7 hardcover) & vibrant phone cases.   

Aside from her website/blog success, she has other creative bloggers such as Prep Ave (@PrepAve) frequently featuring her prints. 

Evelyn Henson

As mentioned above, one of Evelyn's trademark products just might be her mugs--often, they come in in an array of animal illustrations with cheeky sayings such as, "Hust'lion" & "Who Gives a Flock" (lions & flamingos).

The Yellow Spectacles had the chance to discuss shop, creativity, and being a #GirlBoss with Evelyn. Put on your specs...the conversation is simply inspirational...or maybe as an Evelyn Henson mug would read, "It's Spect-acluar.

The Yellow SpectaclesEveryone knows your name and the your name associated with your vibrant prints, but what is one thing that many people may not know?
Evelyn Henson: I'm a triplet! One of five siblings if we're counting ;)

TYS: What/who do you attribute {if anyone/thing} your success to...there are a lot of painters out there!
EH:The support of family and friends, as well as all the teachers who helped me find and have confidence in my voice. 

TYS: Creatively speaking, what inspires you?
EH:Well, this morning I sketched a newspaper. So, I'm inspired by just about everything. For some reason, I was particularly struck by the crossword puzzle page. 
Perhaps, it's the little details in life that really inspire me. Picasso said "inspiration exists, but it has to find you working," and, with all the hours I've spent with a paintbrush in hand, art's allowed me to see the everyday in a more whimsical, colorful light. 

Take the Bull by the Horns

TYS: Do you have a favorite illustration...painting? What?  
EH: Probably the "Take the Bull by the Horns" print, just because I can vividly remember every detail that went into creating it. 
My Dad and I were fixing a fence outside early one morning in the rain (one of our family dogs had been escaping). When I asked if he really wanted to fix it then, he replied with the "take the bull by the horns" idiom. light bulb went off in my head and I had the bull illustrated by noon! I'll always cherish that one for the story behind it. 

Happy Hour 

TYS: Collaborating with other blogger/brands/ and social media accounts seems to be present in your business..i.e. The College Prepster do you pick and choose what / who you'd like to partner with?
EH:I prefer to work with established brands who have a clear vision of who they are and inspire me. 

TYSYour blog is you do all the writing?
EH:Thank you! I do all of the illustration and most of the writing. I've recently started getting my campus reps involved with writing some of the content. It's me blogging unless otherwise specified. 

...With all the hours I've spent with a paintbrush in hand, art's allowed me to see the everyday in a more whimsical, colorful light-EH

TYSYou have campus reps...for people interested next year how do they apply and do you have to be in college to do so?
EH: Applications for the 2016-2017 campus rep program will be available in May 2016. You must be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior in college to apply. 

TYS: Staying on the subject, how do you pick your reps?

EH: This past year. I asked applicants to send a resume and a brief summary of what a brightly decorated life meant to them. After reviewing all the applications, I looked for students who had clear understanding of my brand, came across as hardworking and motivated, and were social media savvy. The reps I ended up selecting stood out because of their marketing experience (from either job related opportunities or individual initiatives like a blog), well-written and thought out brightly decorated life statements, and obvious passion for the brand. As a side note for anyone planning on applying for next year, be sure proofread!!! 

TYS: What is one thing you can't live without...?
EH: Coffee ;)

TYS: Three words to describe your brand...
EH: Happy, bright, and cheeky.

TYS:  One amazing goal Evelyn Henson wants to accomplish is...
EH: To start teaching art classes. 

TYS: Advice for creative-tees going done their own creative path...?
EH:Work hard to find a creative style that's all your own. It's not going to come immediately, but if you spend time with your craft, you'll eventually find your own voice, and that's SO important! 

TYS: Top 3 inspirational/favorite Insta accounts...
EH: So many! Top 3 are probably @anniereeves, @prepavenue, & @mackenziehoran

TYS: Was there/or are there any struggles to your success? Have you been able to manage them?
EH: Absolutely! Figuring out how to print art, how to scan it, how to photograph it, how to sell it online, etc. (I could go on all day)! Everything has been a crazy learning process. I just take it one day at a time and remind myself that all I can do is my best. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day! ;)

TYS: 'Nuff said. 

Hopefully, you too are inspired to live a brightly {somewhat cheeky} decorated life. If you don't know where to start...I think Evelyn may have a few inspirational designs to get you started!

Lilly Pulitzer in Autumn

September 25, 2015

Autumn in Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer the fall?....Yes, way! Typically, we all tend to summer in Lilly. LP is a resort brand, but that doesn't mean that we can't dress colorfully in the fall too.

Taking full advantage of the Summer Lilly Mega Sale, I purchased a blue, gold, & printed puffy outer-wear vest for the fall season. I tend to wear always..wouldn't you?

Brewster Blue

What to wear with your fall Lilly outer-wear? Well, more Lilly always works, but you can go with other prints too--such as gingham & plaid. I paired my vest with a navy & white gingham button down along with white pants {yes, white can be worn after Labor Day}

Lilly Vest

What about you? Do you wear Lilly in the Fall? If not, really, you should consider it--you just maybe the belle of the apple ball. If there is such a thing. Shop on right here--or click for Lilly Fall inspiration.

Share your Autumn Lilly wear with me too!

UH, Huh Honey...SeaSalt & Honey Blogger Collaboration

September 23, 2015

Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice & Seasalt & Honey
Cozy knits..whether it be chunky scarves, leg warmers, hats, headbands, & of course, those one of a kind coffee cozies--the Etsy crochet/knit shop, Seasalt & Honey makes it all.

If you follow them on Instagram {@seasalt_and_honey} then you are already familiar with their knitty creations--especially, their coffee cozies. 

If you are a blogger, Instagramer, over all coffee/tea drinker you really need to invest in their one -of -a -kind designs. Not only will the sweet coffee cozies keep your hands warm, but your tumbler will become super stylish too!

The Yellow Spectacles was lucky enough to receive two cozies {a Tiffany bow & a fall pumpkin design} to do a little photo shoot & chat with the main knitter, Liz about her knitting biz.

TYS: Can you tell me about Seasalt & Honey?
Liz: Seasalt & Honey is an online women's boutique offering classic, relaxed, trendy and affordable clothing + accessories.

TYS: Do you personally crochet/knit all your orders? How do you keep up?

Liz: I personally make each and every coffee cozie in my store! I also make a majority of the boot cuffs, scarves and hats! In the online store I clearly list which items are handmade.

Tumbler, the new Starbucks fall line in hounds-tooth

TYS: What made you want to start this business?

Liz:When I was 6 months pregnant my husband was going on his second deployment with the USMC. He was gone for 8 months, missed the birth of our first child and he didn't even get to meet her until she was 6 months old! 

I knew that when he was gone I had to keep my mind and hands busy...
So, I decided to start crocheting a baby blanket, and then baby shoes, and more blankets.. and so on. Eventually I realized how much I LOVED to create items and I blended that with my love for business and BAM! Seasalt & Honey was born! It's been a long, but very enjoyable journey.

" I never stop creating and exploring new ideas. I find that I will randomly be inspired and I immediately want to start creating it! "-Liz

TYS: Have you faced any challenges and have you been able to over come them?

Liz: One challenge is not having enough space for all my materials! Eventually I should have a workshop...fingers crossed

TYS:What is your most popular item to date?
Liz: My Glitter Bow coffee cozies!

TYS:  How do you keep things fresh? 
Liz: I am constantly coming up with new ideas! I never stop creating and exploring new ideas. I find that I will randomly be inspired and I immediately want to start creating it! I have so many notes with ideas saved in my phone, computer, paper and sometimes my hands! haha!

TYS: Are you on Pinterest?
Liz: Yes! you can find me at Pinterest 

TYS: Fill in the blank,To me creativity means___
Liz: Exploring new ideas and testing them out! I fail a lot of time, and succeed a lot too!

Tiffany Blue Bow with Kate Spade Tumbler
TYS: Any holiday designs / ideas coming up?
Liz: Oh yes! keep an eye out for some really fun coffee cozies!
We will for sure be on the lookout as stockings will be needing stuffed & cold hands will need to be warmed. 
Thanks Liz!!

Refresh Your Creative Space: Gold & White Tones

September 21, 2015

Often, with summer turning into winter, I like to re-vamp my creative space. I feel like it helps keep good vibes flowing & it's just prettier on the eyes. Seriously, it is good to re-purpose & renew your working space. This fall, I am inspired by gold objects & color combinations. Kate Spade {more affordable than you'd think} have some lovely desk trinkets as well as little platters & trays.  


You can also find Lilly Pulitzer pens & sticky-notes {Dillards sells them too!}. Often, I tend to go against the flow, as I enjoy using coin purses to keep paperclips in or rather chic wristlets like this gold crocodile Cynthia Rowley  clutch. It goes with my whole theme below so nicely!


What about you? Do you re-do your work space & become inspired by simple little trinkets? How can you not be? If this Kate Spade Stapler was a man I'd marry's that adorable!

A GlanceThrough Their Specs Series: Sincerely Syd, Blogger

September 18, 2015

 It is exciting that this particular post is one of the many {the first!} installments in the new Yellow Spectacles series called, A Glance Through Their Specs.

Basically, it is a quick look {five or so questions} at bloggers & Instagramers' lives, style, vibes, tips, & success. So, let's take a look through our stylish specs at fashion & lifestyle blogger, Sydney from Sincerely, Syd. 

1.The Yellow Spectacles: In 3 words your blog is...
Sincerely Sydney: Bright. Cheery. Southern.

2. TYS: Any Secrets to build a great blog?
SS: Consistency is key! I always try to make sure I post at least three times a weak. Also, be sure to remember, 'quality over quantity.'

3. TYS: What type of camera do you use for your images?
SS: Currently, I have been using either my phone, iPad Mini for photos. However, I have been saving up for a DSLR Camera, which I will be hopefully purchasing soon!


4.TYS: What is your favorite post you have ever written?...
SS: I have worked with an amazing illustrator on my Summer Essential Blog Post. We both put a lot of effort into it & I am so happy with how it turned out!

5.TYS: With all the blogs out there how do you make your standout?
SS: What I really love about my blog that it is a fashion & lifestyle blog.  I love to include different posts regarding lifestyle such as running, cooking, & DIY-ing. Some days, I'll be super dressed up in a floral dress & other days, I'll be rock'in a t-shirt & Nike shorts.

That's a wrap! Thanks, Sydney!

Cozy Up With Jane & Bleecker Pajamas

September 16, 2015

Jane & Bleecker 

Alas, it's fall {basically}. This time of year tends to mean shorter days & chiller nights. Chiller nights call for warmer, cozier, & softer PJs.

No doubt, you want your pajamas to be just as cute as your street clothes. Well, they certainly can be! Without further delay,  let me introduce to you, Jane & Bleecker.

Pajamas on the Porch 

J&B are a preppy, youthful, city chic line of young ladies/women sleepwear & lounge wear. Jane & Bleecker are apart of a bigger lounge/clothing company known as Carole Hochman. {Think of how VS PINK is the younger, funner line of Victoria Secrets--that type of idea.}

Riley Being the newest 'Campus Rep'

While VS PINK is popping with color & sequins--Jane & Bleecker is a little more refined, demure, nautical & preppy. Their tops & bottoms come in array of colors from navy to brink pink as well as patterns {polka dots & anchors}. Not too mention they have a certain Upper East Side quality...Jane & Bleecker has that city chic vibe, because they are created in New York City & the brand knows a thing or two about the modern young woman's fast paced lifestyle.

"Mix & Match a Line of Fun, Classic, Preppy Styles"--Jane & Bleecker. 

The Yellow Spectacles was lucky enough to receive two J&B lounge pants. Mine are a grey knit {I love them so much I am even willing to run small errands in them.} & the second pair is a purple & white strip pant gathered around the ankles with a preppy green draw string around the waist.

Instagram @JaneandBleecker 

The fit is right on target---they are lounge pants so they feel loose, but not baggy & are tailored in the leg. Mine are a size Medium, but I think a Small would have worked too.

What is great about J&B's youthful effervescence is that their styles are appropriate for college coeds, sorority girls  {& grads} not too mention they are  lovely slumber party attire as their tops & bottoms can easily transition from day to night.


So, aside from shopping the links below to score yourself a pair of J&B sleep pants you can of course, shop Jane & Bleecker's website , follow on Instagram @JaneandBleecker, their Pinterest page & their other social media platforms too. The lux retailer, Nordstroms also carriers the preppy PJ  attire.

Pajamas are meant for sleeping...

Okay, so you're hooked on J&B now...after all, who wouldn't be? You can apply to be a Jane & Bleecker campus rep too. Send your info to: 


Thank You, Jane & Bleecker! 

Shop Jane & Bleecker below...

Welcome Fall Into Your Home: Refreshing Fall-ish Houseware Finds

September 14, 2015

There Is No Place Home For The Fall...


 It is okay to admit that as Fall does its thing outside I am doing my own thing on the inside.

As one season transitions into the next, I like to make a change indoors too. That doesn't mean going out to purchase new things--often, I use what I have & multi-purpose its usage too.

But every now & again it is fun to hit the refresh button with something  new & sparkly....hopefully, you'll be inspired by the links below!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Dalmatian Printed Pillow to go with my Kate Spade Comforter: Deco Dot

Autumn Blooms

September 11, 2015

via GIPHY & Maori Sakai

Naturally, Autumn is on everyone's mind {& tongues, thanks to pumpkin flavors galore} & naturally, The Yellow Spectacles is on top of Autumn.

Tinker Bell Among the Mums

Flowers are a welcomed guest here on the blog. While Spring & Summer offer some of my favorite blooms--Autumn has a selection too. Many of you may know Autumn's most popular flower as simply, Mums, but they are really called chrysanthemums.

Riley & Me Mum Shopping
Originally, these fall bouquets are from Europe & Asia. The colors & sizes of mums varies...which is a good thing. I have seen colors ranging from white, pink, red, orange & all the way to yellow.

Like myself, mums love the sunshine & plenty of water. Whether you keep your mums potted or planted watering often is key to their survival-plus, planted mums need deeply dug holes for continued grow & water saturation.

Pink Pink

Nothing beats a fall outing that included apple picking, sipping cider sipping, & taking home {a almost in bloom} mum to set among your pumpkins outback.

The fall photos you capture of you among the mums are reasons enough to welcome Autumn into your home.


p.s. checkout Giphy & some of the amazing animators such as featured/linked above!


Dress Your Eyes

September 9, 2015

"Boys make passes at Girls who wear Glasses"-Kate Spade. That is what is neatly inscribed on the inside of my new black & white Kate Spade frames. & I could not be anymore delighted with my new pair of spectacles. No to worry--my Yellow D & G specs are still my fav {sadly, they have been discontinued}, but just as I love to change up my looks & home I also feel that it is important to do so with my glasses--each year.


 Really, I consider my glasses to be my trademark. Picking out a pair of frames is my most favorite time of year. When selecting frames, I opt for what I find to be the most unique, the most interesting & the most 'me.'

Below, I have search far & wide to find some other amazing spectacles---feel free to try each one on for size.

Dolls, if the spectacles fit--buy 'em! That's my personal spectacle motto. X.O.

Let's Shop....

Blogger Spolight: Sara Magnolia

September 7, 2015

Instagram +Sara Magnolia 

So, the name Sara Magnolia definitely sounds blogger-ish--perfectly blogger-ish in fact. This notion comes in rather handy as Sara Magnolia is an actual blogger. If you are aware of Sara {& her site} you know that she is a  blonde do-it all-blog-it all type of blogger. Sara blogs & captures everything from beauty, travel, home decor & documents it all rather well. Really, it makes every blogger want to amp up their blogging game! 

Whether you are a blogger or just a blog ogler read below to see what gets this coastal chic inspired. 

TYS: Can you tell me a little about your blog?
Sara: I started (SMDC) for a class project, and absolutely loved curating new materials, writing content, and meeting fellow bloggers. I continued SMDC even when the class was over and I use it to share outfits, travels, inspirations, etc. with who ever wants to read it and hopefully I inspire someone along the way.

TYS: Is blogging your main focus or do you do something else career wise?

Sara:I work remotely for a few businesses in New England managing websites, social media, and PR stuff. I would love to one day blog full time, but I also want to have my time working in a traditional office setting because I think that is a right of passage.

TYS: What inspires you to blog, write, and post?
Sara: I am get inspired to write posts by my life experiences, articles, videos, and of course other blogs that I read! When I find products or regiments that work I especially feel compelled to create a post about it because if I find it helpful someone else might too! The same goes for outfits and places I’ve traveled. Since I live thousands of miles from my family it is also a great way for them to stay connected to what’s happening in my life.

Vanilla is a very classic flavor much like my style is and the peaches to represent the southern influence I have experienced since moving to the south!-Sara

TYS: Three word to describe your blog...
Sara: Cheery, Coastal,& Empowering

TYS: What are your aspirations for your blog-how do you plan to evolve?
Sara: I want to start a few weekly series relating to empowerment and what I am up to. I would really like to incorporate more inspirational and empowering content to share with my readers because that is something I feel strongly about: empowering girls! #girlbosses

Photo Credit @SaraMagnolia

TYS: If your site was a ice cream flavor it would be...why? sprinkles or no sprinkles?
Sara: This is actually a tough question… Definitely no sprinkles on top because I do not sugar coat things, I am very straight to the point and I believe my blog reflects that through my writing. It would likely be a creamy vanilla ice cream with peach chunks. Vanilla is a very classic flavor much like my style is and the peaches to represent the southern influence I have experienced since moving to the south!

TYS: Some of or favorite things to feature are..?

Sara: I love preppy brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, and J. Crew to name a few so you can expect to see those every so often. I also love to share my travels which is why I made a point to dedicate an entire corner of my blog to the places I have been!

TYS: Have you partnered with any brands..if so who...doing what?

Sara: I have worked with a lot of Etsy shops and I love doing so because I want to support entrepreneurs as much as I can!

TYS: One post you really want to write...
Sara: I would love to write a post collaboratively with another blogger detailing our experiences with a similar life event. I think it would be interesting to give different perspectives of a similar experience.

TYS: Um, I'm here & I am game! Lol, but seriously!

TYS: Advice for people who are thinking about blogging...
Sara: YOU CAN DO IT! I firmly believe that you can do anything you set your mind to so if you have done your research and are still committed to blogging then it’s time to execute your plan!

Thanks Sara...we share your enthusiasm for coastal towns, navy stripes, & big southern hair! 

Want an Inspired Magnolia Look? Shop the links below....

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