Lilly Pulitzer in Autumn

Autumn in Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer the fall?....Yes, way! Typically, we all tend to summer in Lilly. LP is a resort brand, but that doesn't mean that we can't dress colorfully in the fall too.

Taking full advantage of the Summer Lilly Mega Sale, I purchased a blue, gold, & printed puffy outer-wear vest for the fall season. I tend to wear always..wouldn't you?

Brewster Blue

What to wear with your fall Lilly outer-wear? Well, more Lilly always works, but you can go with other prints too--such as gingham & plaid. I paired my vest with a navy & white gingham button down along with white pants {yes, white can be worn after Labor Day}

Lilly Vest

What about you? Do you wear Lilly in the Fall? If not, really, you should consider it--you just maybe the belle of the apple ball. If there is such a thing. Shop on right here--or click for Lilly Fall inspiration.

Share your Autumn Lilly wear with me too!