UH, Huh Honey...SeaSalt & Honey Blogger Collaboration

Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice & Seasalt & Honey
Cozy knits..whether it be chunky scarves, leg warmers, hats, headbands, & of course, those one of a kind coffee cozies--the Etsy crochet/knit shop, Seasalt & Honey makes it all.

If you follow them on Instagram {@seasalt_and_honey} then you are already familiar with their knitty creations--especially, their coffee cozies. 

If you are a blogger, Instagramer, over all coffee/tea drinker you really need to invest in their one -of -a -kind designs. Not only will the sweet coffee cozies keep your hands warm, but your tumbler will become super stylish too!

The Yellow Spectacles was lucky enough to receive two cozies {a Tiffany bow & a fall pumpkin design} to do a little photo shoot & chat with the main knitter, Liz about her knitting biz.

TYS: Can you tell me about Seasalt & Honey?
Liz: Seasalt & Honey is an online women's boutique offering classic, relaxed, trendy and affordable clothing + accessories.

TYS: Do you personally crochet/knit all your orders? How do you keep up?

Liz: I personally make each and every coffee cozie in my store! I also make a majority of the boot cuffs, scarves and hats! In the online store I clearly list which items are handmade.

Tumbler, the new Starbucks fall line in hounds-tooth

TYS: What made you want to start this business?

Liz:When I was 6 months pregnant my husband was going on his second deployment with the USMC. He was gone for 8 months, missed the birth of our first child and he didn't even get to meet her until she was 6 months old! 

I knew that when he was gone I had to keep my mind and hands busy...
So, I decided to start crocheting a baby blanket, and then baby shoes, and more blankets.. and so on. Eventually I realized how much I LOVED to create items and I blended that with my love for business and BAM! Seasalt & Honey was born! It's been a long, but very enjoyable journey.

" I never stop creating and exploring new ideas. I find that I will randomly be inspired and I immediately want to start creating it! "-Liz

TYS: Have you faced any challenges and have you been able to over come them?

Liz: One challenge is not having enough space for all my materials! Eventually I should have a workshop...fingers crossed

TYS:What is your most popular item to date?
Liz: My Glitter Bow coffee cozies!

TYS:  How do you keep things fresh? 
Liz: I am constantly coming up with new ideas! I never stop creating and exploring new ideas. I find that I will randomly be inspired and I immediately want to start creating it! I have so many notes with ideas saved in my phone, computer, paper and sometimes my hands! haha!

TYS: Are you on Pinterest?
Liz: Yes! you can find me at Pinterest 

TYS: Fill in the blank,To me creativity means___
Liz: Exploring new ideas and testing them out! I fail a lot of time, and succeed a lot too!

Tiffany Blue Bow with Kate Spade Tumbler
TYS: Any holiday designs / ideas coming up?
Liz: Oh yes! keep an eye out for some really fun coffee cozies!
We will for sure be on the lookout as stockings will be needing stuffed & cold hands will need to be warmed. 
Thanks Liz!!

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  1. I love cozy knits this time of year. Everything from toques to slippers and I'm in!