Refresh Your Creative Space: Gold & White Tones

Often, with summer turning into winter, I like to re-vamp my creative space. I feel like it helps keep good vibes flowing & it's just prettier on the eyes. Seriously, it is good to re-purpose & renew your working space. This fall, I am inspired by gold objects & color combinations. Kate Spade {more affordable than you'd think} have some lovely desk trinkets as well as little platters & trays.  


You can also find Lilly Pulitzer pens & sticky-notes {Dillards sells them too!}. Often, I tend to go against the flow, as I enjoy using coin purses to keep paperclips in or rather chic wristlets like this gold crocodile Cynthia Rowley  clutch. It goes with my whole theme below so nicely!


What about you? Do you re-do your work space & become inspired by simple little trinkets? How can you not be? If this Kate Spade Stapler was a man I'd marry's that adorable!

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  1. Kate Spade definitely has the best aesthetic for home decorations and office supplies! If you love her, you should check out Anthropologie (think gold and calligraphy and other lovely things)!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day