A GlanceThrough Their Specs Series: Sincerely Syd, Blogger

 It is exciting that this particular post is one of the many {the first!} installments in the new Yellow Spectacles series called, A Glance Through Their Specs.

Basically, it is a quick look {five or so questions} at bloggers & Instagramers' lives, style, vibes, tips, & success. So, let's take a look through our stylish specs at fashion & lifestyle blogger, Sydney from Sincerely, Syd. 

1.The Yellow Spectacles: In 3 words your blog is...
Sincerely Sydney: Bright. Cheery. Southern.

2. TYS: Any Secrets to build a great blog?
SS: Consistency is key! I always try to make sure I post at least three times a weak. Also, be sure to remember, 'quality over quantity.'

3. TYS: What type of camera do you use for your images?
SS: Currently, I have been using either my phone, iPad Mini for photos. However, I have been saving up for a DSLR Camera, which I will be hopefully purchasing soon!


4.TYS: What is your favorite post you have ever written?...
SS: I have worked with an amazing illustrator on my Summer Essential Blog Post. We both put a lot of effort into it & I am so happy with how it turned out!

5.TYS: With all the blogs out there how do you make your standout?
SS: What I really love about my blog that it is a fashion & lifestyle blog.  I love to include different posts regarding lifestyle such as running, cooking, & DIY-ing. Some days, I'll be super dressed up in a floral dress & other days, I'll be rock'in a t-shirt & Nike shorts.

That's a wrap! Thanks, Sydney!