Cozy Up With Jane & Bleecker Pajamas

Jane & Bleecker 

Alas, it's fall {basically}. This time of year tends to mean shorter days & chiller nights. Chiller nights call for warmer, cozier, & softer PJs.

No doubt, you want your pajamas to be just as cute as your street clothes. Well, they certainly can be! Without further delay,  let me introduce to you, Jane & Bleecker.

Pajamas on the Porch 

J&B are a preppy, youthful, city chic line of young ladies/women sleepwear & lounge wear. Jane & Bleecker are apart of a bigger lounge/clothing company known as Carole Hochman. {Think of how VS PINK is the younger, funner line of Victoria Secrets--that type of idea.}

Riley Being the newest 'Campus Rep'

While VS PINK is popping with color & sequins--Jane & Bleecker is a little more refined, demure, nautical & preppy. Their tops & bottoms come in array of colors from navy to brink pink as well as patterns {polka dots & anchors}. Not too mention they have a certain Upper East Side quality...Jane & Bleecker has that city chic vibe, because they are created in New York City & the brand knows a thing or two about the modern young woman's fast paced lifestyle.

"Mix & Match a Line of Fun, Classic, Preppy Styles"--Jane & Bleecker. 

The Yellow Spectacles was lucky enough to receive two J&B lounge pants. Mine are a grey knit {I love them so much I am even willing to run small errands in them.} & the second pair is a purple & white strip pant gathered around the ankles with a preppy green draw string around the waist.

Instagram @JaneandBleecker 

The fit is right on target---they are lounge pants so they feel loose, but not baggy & are tailored in the leg. Mine are a size Medium, but I think a Small would have worked too.

What is great about J&B's youthful effervescence is that their styles are appropriate for college coeds, sorority girls  {& grads} not too mention they are  lovely slumber party attire as their tops & bottoms can easily transition from day to night.


So, aside from shopping the links below to score yourself a pair of J&B sleep pants you can of course, shop Jane & Bleecker's website , follow on Instagram @JaneandBleecker, their Pinterest page & their other social media platforms too. The lux retailer, Nordstroms also carriers the preppy PJ  attire.

Pajamas are meant for sleeping...

Okay, so you're hooked on J&B now...after all, who wouldn't be? You can apply to be a Jane & Bleecker campus rep too. Send your info to: 


Thank You, Jane & Bleecker! 

Shop Jane & Bleecker below...