Autumn Blooms

via GIPHY & Maori Sakai

Naturally, Autumn is on everyone's mind {& tongues, thanks to pumpkin flavors galore} & naturally, The Yellow Spectacles is on top of Autumn.

Tinker Bell Among the Mums

Flowers are a welcomed guest here on the blog. While Spring & Summer offer some of my favorite blooms--Autumn has a selection too. Many of you may know Autumn's most popular flower as simply, Mums, but they are really called chrysanthemums.

Riley & Me Mum Shopping
Originally, these fall bouquets are from Europe & Asia. The colors & sizes of mums varies...which is a good thing. I have seen colors ranging from white, pink, red, orange & all the way to yellow.

Like myself, mums love the sunshine & plenty of water. Whether you keep your mums potted or planted watering often is key to their survival-plus, planted mums need deeply dug holes for continued grow & water saturation.

Pink Pink

Nothing beats a fall outing that included apple picking, sipping cider sipping, & taking home {a almost in bloom} mum to set among your pumpkins outback.

The fall photos you capture of you among the mums are reasons enough to welcome Autumn into your home.


p.s. checkout Giphy & some of the amazing animators such as featured/linked above!