Blogger Spolight: Sara Magnolia

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So, the name Sara Magnolia definitely sounds blogger-ish--perfectly blogger-ish in fact. This notion comes in rather handy as Sara Magnolia is an actual blogger. If you are aware of Sara {& her site} you know that she is a  blonde do-it all-blog-it all type of blogger. Sara blogs & captures everything from beauty, travel, home decor & documents it all rather well. Really, it makes every blogger want to amp up their blogging game! 

Whether you are a blogger or just a blog ogler read below to see what gets this coastal chic inspired. 

TYS: Can you tell me a little about your blog?
Sara: I started (SMDC) for a class project, and absolutely loved curating new materials, writing content, and meeting fellow bloggers. I continued SMDC even when the class was over and I use it to share outfits, travels, inspirations, etc. with who ever wants to read it and hopefully I inspire someone along the way.

TYS: Is blogging your main focus or do you do something else career wise?

Sara:I work remotely for a few businesses in New England managing websites, social media, and PR stuff. I would love to one day blog full time, but I also want to have my time working in a traditional office setting because I think that is a right of passage.

TYS: What inspires you to blog, write, and post?
Sara: I am get inspired to write posts by my life experiences, articles, videos, and of course other blogs that I read! When I find products or regiments that work I especially feel compelled to create a post about it because if I find it helpful someone else might too! The same goes for outfits and places I’ve traveled. Since I live thousands of miles from my family it is also a great way for them to stay connected to what’s happening in my life.

Vanilla is a very classic flavor much like my style is and the peaches to represent the southern influence I have experienced since moving to the south!-Sara

TYS: Three word to describe your blog...
Sara: Cheery, Coastal,& Empowering

TYS: What are your aspirations for your blog-how do you plan to evolve?
Sara: I want to start a few weekly series relating to empowerment and what I am up to. I would really like to incorporate more inspirational and empowering content to share with my readers because that is something I feel strongly about: empowering girls! #girlbosses

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TYS: If your site was a ice cream flavor it would be...why? sprinkles or no sprinkles?
Sara: This is actually a tough question… Definitely no sprinkles on top because I do not sugar coat things, I am very straight to the point and I believe my blog reflects that through my writing. It would likely be a creamy vanilla ice cream with peach chunks. Vanilla is a very classic flavor much like my style is and the peaches to represent the southern influence I have experienced since moving to the south!

TYS: Some of or favorite things to feature are..?

Sara: I love preppy brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, and J. Crew to name a few so you can expect to see those every so often. I also love to share my travels which is why I made a point to dedicate an entire corner of my blog to the places I have been!

TYS: Have you partnered with any brands..if so who...doing what?

Sara: I have worked with a lot of Etsy shops and I love doing so because I want to support entrepreneurs as much as I can!

TYS: One post you really want to write...
Sara: I would love to write a post collaboratively with another blogger detailing our experiences with a similar life event. I think it would be interesting to give different perspectives of a similar experience.

TYS: Um, I'm here & I am game! Lol, but seriously!

TYS: Advice for people who are thinking about blogging...
Sara: YOU CAN DO IT! I firmly believe that you can do anything you set your mind to so if you have done your research and are still committed to blogging then it’s time to execute your plan!

Thanks Sara...we share your enthusiasm for coastal towns, navy stripes, & big southern hair! 

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