DIY: Sequin Hangers

If you live a sparkly life/lifestyle then you more than likely have sparkly clothing....This isn't to say that all of your wardrobe looks like a New Year's Eve dinner party, but rather beautiful clothes deserve beautiful hangers.

We have all seen the glitzy, sequin, golden, and bedazzled hangers on Instagram & Pinterest, but where {& how} did they come to be...

Loving Lilly Outer-Wear 

Look no further. Here is my Sequin hanger DIY that is simple, fast & elegant. I decided to go pink & gold, but really, the sequin ribbon comes in an assortment of colors. A friendly reminder, it took close to three yards of sequin ribbon to make each hanger.

Inspiration: I'm on Pinterest @KatelynaChef 

After selecting your ribbon & purchasing flat, felt hangers {the Dollar Store sells them} begin wrapping the ribbon starting at the hangers's top from one end of the hanger to the other.

Think in Pink

Slightly, overlap the ribbon as you go around the hanger. The pattern should look like the scales on a mermaid tail.

Gold Glows 

Once hanger is covered, remove any excess ribbon, glue strings & seal the ribbon edges with glue so there will be no fraying.

Hang to clothes like art in your room/closet.

FYI these make great presents & can be done on smaller pant hangers for children's clothing too.

Shop the post to find some clothes worthy of these sparkly hangers!


  1. This is such an adorable DIY project! I need new hangers so maybe when I buy some I'll bling them out like this!

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