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Find your inner fox, Southern Fox 

Those who live in the south know how great a place it is to call home. & for those who don't live in the south know how great it is to vacation down there. If you're are one who doesn't call the south your permanent home {like me}fear not!-Southern Fox can help you find that sweet southern bliss with their comfy southern grown cotton tees. 

Are you familiar with Southern Fox? You should be! Their almost always sold out tees are soft as sweet southern cotton, vibrant in color, rich in history, & made in Jacksonville Florida. Now, it doesn't get any hospitable than that! Not to mention, guys or girls feel a little more like southern gentlemen & belles when sporting the fox logo tees.

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Slipping into a Southern Fox tee you automatically feel right at home--like it's where you belong...basically, you can hear the south whispering your name through the breeze blowing past the weeping willow outback. At least I can.

Certainly, I was charmed when I received my complimentary light blue Southern Fox tee. The shop's logo is neatly visible on the front while the back is popping with southern charm. Take a look for they say over at Southern Fox,

"When history repeats itself it's often a tradition"-S.F
This tradition is worth re-wearing. Again, & Again.

Thank You Southern Fox!