Dressing Up In Seersucker: Elizabeth Wilson

Seersucker & Ruffles go together like pink & gold. Together, each one is cuter, chic-er, & more decadent when paired with each other.

What I love the most about featuring creative individuals on my blog is making new friends & stumbling across inventive businesses. This is exactly what has happened with my newest designer obsession-- Meet Elizabeth Wilson, of Elizabeth Wilson Designs, based in Kentucky. Elizabeth has a slew of designs ranging from accessories, shirts, & dresses all with the common feature{s} of a ruffled neckline & often seersucker fabric. Sounds charming? Believe my spectacles, it is & more so. Her Etsy shop is set to re-open in September...so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the conversation & her designs...

Instagram @elizabethkw

The Yellow Spectacles: Tell me a little bit about your design background and how you got into the business of creating clothes/accessories?
Elizabeth Wilson: I have always loved fashion ever since I was little, but it wasn't until I was about ten years old when I really starting to take an interest in designing. I would sketch different clothing designs onto paper, tear out any pictures from magazines and catalogs that inspired me, and would put everything up on my inspiration board to inspire even more design ideas.
I got my first sewing machine on my 12th birthday, and was so excited! I couldn't wait to take all of my sketches from over the years and turn them into something I could wear! I took a few sewing classes from a local fabric store to learn the basics, then started on my way to turn my sketches into real pieces of clothing!

Elizabeth Wilson Designs on Etsy

TYS: Seersucker seems to be a big part of your designs...is that a challenging kind of fabric to work with?  
EW: As you can probably tell, I adore seersucker! Seersucker is a woven, puckered fabric and is woven in such a way that it frays a lot along the edges when cut. So that can be difficult to work with sometimes!

TYS: Why Seersucker...?
EW: I think Seersucker is a southern summer staple. It is very light and breathable, so it’s absolutely perfect for all of those hot summer days down here in the South! I love the classic stripes too, so that’s why a majority of my summer designs are made from Seersucker.

TYS: Where or how would you like to see your creations/designs go within the next year?
EW: I would love to start selling wholesale and have my products available in boutiques all around!

TYS: Can shoppers find your creations anywhere aside from Etsy?EW: My products were available this spring and summer both online and in store at an adorable boutique called Virginia Lee. I will have a website starting this spring where all of my products will be sold!
" I think Seersucker is a southern summer staple. It is very light and breathable, so it’s absolutely perfect for all of those hot summer days down here in the South!" 

TYS: Who or what inspires you....do you make an "inspiration board"? If so, name one thing you have pinned on it right now...
EW: I have an inspiration board in my studio as well as Pinterest of course! Since my fall collection is coming out next month and my winter collection will launch later on, I have lots of tartan plaid, stripe, and fur fabric swatches all over my inspiration board.
Some places that inspire me are Savannah,GA and Charleston, SC. Those two historic cities are so gorgeous!

TYS: Describe your designs in 3 words...
EW: Classic. Southern. Prep.

TYS: Based on your Etsy page you are out of Kentucky... do you see yourself relocating to New York or LA for more exposure?
EW: I do love the Bluegrass, but I would like to live in NY for at least a year or two. I will be attending a design school next fall and part of their fashion program is to spend a semester in NY for internships! So excited for that!

" As of right now, my goal is to start selling my products wholesale and have them available in boutiques all around the South"--E.W.

TYS: What goals do you have set for your business? Have you met any?
EW: I started my Etsy in late January, and since then I have listed new designs one at a time. So my goal was to design and put together an entire collection all at once, and I met that goal by designing my upcoming fall collection.
As of right now, my goal is to start selling my products wholesale and have them available in boutiques all around the South.

TYS: One challenge you met creating your own business...how were you able to over come...?
EW: Being in charge of all of the sewing has been a very big challenge. I had no idea that my little Etsy shop would grow so quickly! I am very thankful for the success of my business even though the sewing has been very stressful.
Every now and then I have to put my shop on "vacation mode" to catch up on orders or to take a short break. That has definitely helped me out.

TYS: Advice for anyone...in the creative field wanting to branch out and do their own thing?
EW: For anyone who is interested in starting a clothing business, definitely start on Etsy! It is so easy to work with, and keeps you very organized.

TYS: Who is your No. 1 fashion icon? Why?
EW:There are so many, but some of my top fashion icons are: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie O’Nassis. I adore their classic, simple style. However, I do have to say that my biggest fashion inspiration is my beautiful momma! I have always looked up to my mom for her incredible taste in fashion. Her classy, preppy style has inspired me since I was a little girl.

TYS: For prepsters who love all things preppy what is the one (in your own opinion) outfit staple that every prepster needs? 
EW: For Summer: Something Seersucker… duh! For Winter: A pair of classic L.L. Bean Duck Boots!

TYS:  Do you have any designs ready to launch for fall/winter attire?
EW: There should be a sneak peek on my Instagram account very soon! I do not have a date set yet, but the collection will launch sometime in September.
Expect to see fur, plaids, and obviously ruffles!

We will be counting the hours by the ruffles until then. Thanks, Elizabeth!