Visions of Rose Gold: Lauren Conrad NYFW Spring 2016 Kohls Runway Collection

Snap. Click. Swoon. Awe. No, that's not the sound of my heart when scanning the internet for clips & images from this past New York Fashion Week, but rather {as I can only imagine} it is the sound of NYFW photographers, editor, journalist, bloggers, & fashion illustrators going into a fashion frenzy at all the amazing design showcases.

There were a few shows this year that I thought to be well, spellbinding. The Kohl's Lauren Conrad Spring Runway Collection 2016 Collection was indeed one of them.

Looking at the images of LC Runway Kohl's Collection {both for the line's campaign photos & the photo from the actual fashion show} are just visionary. To put into words & not sounds.

I am still finding myself loving the soft touches of pinks & rose gold in conjunction with a whimsical woodsy atmosphere & soft velvety, silky, lacy fabric touches. These are a few of the many qualities that make this line so appealing. Not to mention, I can {literally} drive to my Kohl's store & buy the looks shown at NYFW 2015 with my 30% off coupon! & I am pretty sure, I can earn $10 Kohl's cash for every $50 bucks I spend!

I mean, Kohl's & Miss Lauren you're both creative geniuses! I know. I know, but you may not know--the retailer/designer Spring 2016 Runway Collection is labeled, Limited Edition-so, we all better run-away with these finds while they still are in stock--& looking at the LC Sequin Swing dress {$67} it won't be long before they are gone.

Above & below you'll see a few of my favorite looks that I have my eye on {both from the LC Runway Collection & her Fall Ready-Wear} & yes, my inside are going, Ooh, awe, pop, fizz, mmm.... 

Aren't yours?  Xo Xo.



  1. Lauren Conrad will always have a special place in my heart. Love this post!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day